Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Latin-American Destinations in the U.S. You Have to Visit

 Hispanic heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th) showcases the achievements of Hispanic Americans in many different fields all over the United States. During Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s all about celebrating the legacies these communities have left behind for the rest of us, whether it’s art, science, or historical events. In honor of this month, here’s a list of some of the different Hispanic communities around the country you should visit!

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3 Ways Working with a TPA for Visitor Travel Insurance Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

Advice-on-how-to-properly-shake-hands-with-someoneWhether you’re a travel insurance broker, a tour operator, or a travel agent, you’ve all got one ultimate goal in mind, and that is satisfying your customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling visitor travel insurance policies to your customers, or vacation packages. The bottom line is, you want your customer to feel confident that you are the expert at what you do, and that you pretty much have all the answers to their questions. Now, it’s kind of difficult to have all the answers. But at the very least, you want to show your customers that you’re skilled at your craft; whether it’s taking them on the vacation of a lifetime, or recommending an insurance policy. But regardless of what your occupation is, there’s one thing professionals in your fields can benefit from: working with a third-party administrator. In particular, a third-party administrator who is licensed to sell a variety of insurance. How so? Let’s go through 3 different ways working with a TPA can help you grow your business and make your customers happy.

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5 Items to Put in Your Suitcase to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

By Jessica Thiefels

1076x615-exercise-on-the-road-stay-fit-while-travelingAh, vacation: A time to relax, forget the stresses of life, and try all the local goods you can get your hands on—drinks and food, included. If you follow any sort of healthy lifestyle at home, you know that vacation-mode will derail even the most determined person. That is, if you’re not prepared with the right equipment. Staying healthy while traveling is not only possible, it can make your trip more fun and relaxing. When you’ve gotten your workout in for the day, you’re less worried about trying that local dessert or lying by the pool for a few extra hours. Give yourself some much-needed guilt-relief by prepping for your trip with health in mind. Pack these must-have items and you’ll feel healthy, happy and relaxed.

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3 Stories That Show the Importance of Emergency Medical Evacuation Travel Insurance

By Chaitanya Bala

Anytime you look at a travel insurance policy, you may notice that the emergency medical evacuation travel insurance benefit amount is probably the one that sticks out the most over all the other benefits you see. While medical treatment benefits from different policies usually only cover up to $50,000, you may notice that emergency medical evacuation expenses cover significantly more money. And often times if you’ve been shopping for a policy and have been consulting with a customer service rep, they really stress the benefit of emergency medical evacuation. You may even have been urged to upgrade to a higher policy so you can get a better medical evacuation travel insurance benefit.

But, is emergency medical evacuation coverage really that necessary?

You think you’d probably only need it if you were going on a safari adventure in the jungles of Africa, or hiking up the Himalayas. And you certainly wouldn’t need it if you’re just exploring the Unites States, right? That’s what I thought before I sat down to speak with our customer service team and learned just how wrong I was. Here are three real stories, both in and out of our company that helped paint a picture of just how important the emergency medical evacuation benefit is.

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KAYAK Activities Feature 101: Find What to Do on Vacation

Many of you are probably familiar with KAYAK, a website which is used to find the cheapest deals on flights, hotels, cars, and much more. I’ve used this service to find cheap flight deals for last minute international flights, and it’s awesome. As if finding the cheapest available transportation to your dream destination wasn’t a cool enough service, now KAYAK is starting to offer its new “Activities” feature. What does this mean? Essentially, aside from being able to pick out your flight, hotel, and rental car, you can also pick out your vacation activities at the place you’re staying! Into the outdoors? Are you an animal lover? This new feature gives travelers who may be a little clueless about what they’re getting into once they reach their destination some cheap ideas and inspiration on what to do. So what are some of the most popular, cost-efficient activities I found while checking out the top 10 traveled destinations by Americans? Let’s take a look!

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