Missing or Stolen Luggage? Here's What to Do!

Lost-Luggage-Found-20-Years-Later-VideoYou’ve just finished booking your flight to Paris, France, and you’re excited to embark on your fun-filled adventure out to what’s dubbed as one of the most romantic cities on Earth. You’ve been doing months of preparation for this trip and have been packing your most elegant outfits, your favorite shoes, and your new GoPro. There’s no way you’d want to miss documenting these precious moments in Paris. However, lo and behold – just as you’ve picked up your chai latte at Starbucks and are heading back to your seat, you realize your carry-on is nowhere to be found. It’s been stolen. Lucky for you, you’ve already purchased a travel insurance policy, meaning you’re going to get reimbursed for your stolen or missing luggage. But what do you do till then? And what do you do in different situations. Here’s our step-by-step guide!

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4 Things to Do in Philadelphia During DNC 2016

For those of you heading out to Philadelphia for the Democratic National Convention next week, you’re in for a real treat! There will be many great speeches and keynote presentations, as well as other interesting activities scheduled for the event. However, in case you get all convention’d out and want to do some additional exploring around the city, you’re in luck. There are plenty of sights to see and things to do in Philadelphia! So what do we recommend? Here’s our list of the top 4 destinations you absolutely cannot miss during your trip to Philly.

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Are Cruise Travel Insurance Protection Plans All They're Cracked Up to Be?

Sick-Chick-ShipCruises are a very popular vacation idea over the summer, with over 20 million passengers booking vacations on cruise ships. Cruise lines are constantly looking for ways to make their customers’ on-board experiences better; whether they’re improving the on-board entertainment, developing more luxurious cabins, or even offering added purchase options such as cruise travel insurance plans. These cruise line protection plans are essentially travel insurance benefits provided by a carrier that the cruise lines offer as an add-on item for an extra cost. Cruise insurance plans may seem like a better option for customers in comparison to traditional insurance policies purchased through third-party insurance companies. However, is it really something that can just replace traditional insurance policies? Although cruise line protection plans may seem convenient, they also have quite a few drawbacks. Some of these disadvantages include:

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Republican National Convention Security: Safety Restrictions to Know

20385764-mmmainAs a result of recent violence that has occurred this year, security has spiked around large events, including the Republican National Convention that is about to take place in Cleveland next week. As we’ve seen with the attacks in Paris, Brussels, and Orlando, large, crowded areas seem to be a breeding ground for terrorist activity. Given this trend, the security will be increased for the Republican National Convention, including various safety measures to ensure people stay safe. Here’s what you can expect:

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3 Differences Between Traditional Policies & Credit Cards with Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceTravel insurance is ubiquitous. You can purchase a policy directly from your insurance company, and also, travel insurance can actually be built into your – wait for it – credit card! A selection of brands offer some of the benefits that you can find in a travel insurance policy. With some of the best travel credit cards offering a plethora of benefits, it would seem unnecessary to purchase a traditional travel insurance policy. However, travel benefits included on a credit card are not a substitute for a travel insurance policy, and many times, people are unaware of that. So what are some limitations of credit cards with travel insurance and what benefits do they lack? Let’s find out!

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