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When you're traveling abroad, you probably think you're safe from any run-ins with exotic animals - at least until you're off the plane. But did you ever consider that the man in the seat next to you might be smuggling pythons under his shirt?

Here are five of the weirdest things you'd never guess travelers were trying to get through customs:

  1. In Norway, a man was arrested for trying to board a plane with 14 pythons and 10 albino leopard geckos hidden under his clothing. The pythons were wrapped in socks and the geckos stored in boxes, then taped to the man's chest and legs.
  2. A woman arrived at a Melbourne airport on a flight from Singapore with 51 live tropical fish hidden in an apron under her skirt. Customs officers became suspicious after hearing 'flipping' sounds coming from her waist.
  3. A German man attempted to leave New Zealand with 23 geckos and 20 skinks hidden in his underwear.
  4. A man was caught at Los Angeles International Airport with 14 live birds strapped to his legs under his pants. Customs searched the man when they saw that his socks were covered in droppings and feathers.
  5. An Australian man wrapped two pigeons in padded envelopes and strapped them to his legs for a 10-hour flight out of the country.

So be careful because your adventure could start much sooner than you planned!