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Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano began to erupt on Saturday, sending clouds of ash into the air over Europe. European air traffic controllers say they expect about 700 flights to be canceled today, however the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation has said that the worst is over, and they expect flight schedules to return to normal by Thursday.  

Some airlines are rebooking passengers on later flights or fully refunding their fare. Travel Insurance Select has coverage for Inclement Weather and Natural Disaster, so travelers who purchased the policy before 5/21/11 and are affected by the volcano can call us at 800-937-1387 for details.

For more information on finding travel insurance that can refund the cost of a trip, go to


Travel industry experts say most people are continuing with their summer travel plans despite high prices. For those heading overseas to Europe, traveling by train may not be cheap, but a new iPhone app may make it easier.

Rail Europe has released a new booking app that allows travelers to plan and book trips on their iPhone and iPod touch. The application uses geo-location technology that connects 35 railroads in 32 European countries. App users can choose their seat, buy their ticket, and plan their arrival with a calculated time and distance function.

The app is available at Rail Europe’s site at

A new study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine says that road warriors are nearly twice as likely to be obese as those who don’t travel frequently for work, and have higher blood pressure and lower HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

It’s easy to let healthy habits go by the wayside when you’re on the road, but staying healthy is as important to your career, and well being, as anything else.

Here are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic that will make staying healthy on the road easier:

  • Wear your walking shoes on your trip to your destination and home. If you're traveling by plane, walk through the terminal while you're waiting for your flight. If you're traveling by train, take a stroll through the cars.
  • When you arrive, check out the nearest fitness facilities. If there isn’t much to choose from in the way of traditional facilities, make do with what you have. Go to local parks or trails, climb the stairs, or use an online aerobics program.
  • Set a workout schedule as soon as you arrive, and stick to it. Exercise at the same time of the day as you do at home, if possible. Sticking to your normal routine may also help you adjust to time changes.

And make sure you’re covered if you need to see a physician while you’re traveling. USI Affinity’s Corporate International Insurance Solutions has options that cover the cost of medical care across the country and internationally.

Following recent events in the Middle East, the State Department issued a Worldwide Travel Alert on Monday. It warns all U.S. citizens of “the enhanced potential for anti-American violence given recent counter-terrorism activity in Pakistan” and urges those in affected areas to "limit their travel outside of their homes and hotels and avoid mass gatherings and demonstrations.” Read the full alert.

Travelers looking for travel insurance with Terrorism coverage can purchase Travel Insurance Select Plus or, in most states, Travel Insurance Select Elite. The policy covers “a Terrorist incident occurring within 30 days of your arrival in a city on your trip’s itinerary.” The Elite option also includes Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, which allows travelers to cancel their trip for any reason - including fear of traveling to a politically unstable area - and receive up to 75% of their insured trip cost. (To receive the CFAR benefit, insurance must be purchased within 21 days of initial trip deposit and the trip must be cancelled at least two days prior to departure.)

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