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The travel season is upon us, and the trip you are planning is no doubt something you are anticipating with great joy. However, there are a few things you may wish to remember before you pack that last bag.

  • Take along a copy of your travel insurance policy with the emergency phone numbers.
  • If illness should occur on the trip and a claim is to be filed, be sure to seek medical care before returning home. It will probably be necessary to verify the medical condition causing the interruption or return.
  • Allow any emergency transportation arrangements to be made by the assistance company so payment may be guaranteed.
  • Remember: if there should be a baggage delay, that benefit will only reimburse for those items that have been purchased, so keep all receipts in order to present with a claim.
  • Baggage loss or theft must be verified by airline, police, hotel or some other authority.
  • Keep any receipts that may be reimbursable. Without them the claim will be much more difficult to prove.

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Travel Insurance Services is proud to introduce new blog topics and authors!

Topics will include travel and insurance information for:


Trip Planners, Associations, and Educational Travel
Linda Witt, who has been at TIS for over 21 years, will be sharing her expertise in the unique needs of travelers and trip planners in the educational travel community. Much of her knowledge also applies to associations that have travel programs or want to offer them.


Brokers and Insurance Professionals, including Chinese-Speaking Brokers and Travel Agents
Wendy Tian Miller draws from 6 years of experience to assist insurance professionals and customers. Her posts will focus on agents and brokers, who can in turn pass important information along to their clients. 


Students and Schools
Kris Lavezzoli has worked for TIS for more than a decade, and she uses her experience to help schools navigate the confusing world of student health insurance so they can make sure their students have the coverage they need.

Customer Care

Customer Questions and Issues
At TIS, we receive lots of questions about all kinds of travel insurance issues. It's important to us that customers understand insurance details and feel comfortable with the policy they choose. Posts from "Customer Care" are another way for us to get these answers and explanations out to more people.

We hope the new topics are helpful to you. Feel free to ask our new authors specific questions by commenting on their posts or contacting them directly.

Of course, we'll still post general travel articles and alerts that you may be interested in. If you'd like to see a post about a specific topic, let us know in the comments!

Travel issues from Chile's Puyehue-Cordon Caulle’s volcanic eruption continue as an ash cloud moves over Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa and Australasia.

  • Qantas Airways has canceled all New Zealand flights for today and postponed Buenos Aires flights until Friday. Domestic flights will operate as scheduled.
  • Air New Zealand will continue to fly at a lower altitude to avoid the ash cloud, which requires about 10% more jet fuel.
  • Turkish Airlines has cancelled flights to East Africa – including Istanbul-Addis Ababa, Istanbul-Khartoum, Istanbul-Entebbe, Istanbul-Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam-Nairobi, Nairobi-Istanbul.
  • Kenya Airways has canceled all flights on the Ethiopia-Djibouti route.
  • Dubai’s Emirates airline canceled flights to Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Experts from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology's volcanic ash unit say they expect the ash cloud to continue to cause travel disruptions for at least another 24 hours. If you are scheduled to travel in these areas, check with your travel agent or airline to see if you're affected. was recently recommended as a travel insurance resource on, a lifestyle guide dedicated to West Coast residents. The article stresses the importance of travel insurance, advising travelers to “make sure [the travel insurance policy] covers security-related cancellations and medical assistance, if you need it.”

We always recommend our Cancel for Any Reason option that can reimburse 75% of your trip costs if you have to cancel your trip - no matter the reason. We also have travel medical insurance options that cover medical costs, even medical evacuations.

And the word on our travel insurance services is spreading. We have also been mentioned in the L.A. Times and the Houston Chronicle.  And why not - we’re rated A+ by the BBB and have been serving travelers for over 35 years.

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