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Travel providers should make sure their travelers are coveredIn any given year, we generally see several costly medical evacuations and numerous hospitalizations of travelers. Unfortunately, we discover that many people travel without the protection of travel insurance. Some are under the assumption that they are covered by their domestic insurance, while others think Medicare will provide for them while they travel abroad. For these reasons alone, it is wise for travel providers to ask for travel insurance information on a Personal Information Form.

You should ask your travelers if they have coverage for medical expense and medical evacuation while traveling outside the country. Ask for specific policy information including contact phone numbers. When you require an answer to the questions, it should result in their having to investigate their coverage  in order to discover if it is adequate. This will help protect them as well as lessen your liability should something go awry on the trip.

Your travelers will naturally look to you for assistance and guidance since they are traveling on a trip sponsored by your organization. The more you can do to be prepared, the better off you and your traveler will be. If you aren't currently requesting this information, it's a good idea to start collecting it.

If you need help with the verbiage or need a sample form, give me a call at 1-800-937-1387 or email me at