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Voyager Annual Insurance covers you worldwide for up to a year.Do you take several trips during the year? Perhaps you're a jetsetter, constantly exploring different countries and cultures.

Maybe you and your kids love going to the beach during the summer and the mountains in the winter - and to Grandma's for the holidays.

Or maybe you're busy making business deals all over the world.

If you plan to take more than one trip this year, you should look into getting an annual travel insurance plan. An annual plan lets you enjoy coverage for the whole year without having to deal with purchasing insurance for each trip.

Voyager Annual Insurance is an annual plan that gives you Medical Expense and Medical Evacuation coverage for a full year anytime you travel more than 100 miles from your home (up to 90 days at a time).

It can cost as little as $31 – for the whole year!

To learn more about Voyager and start customizing your coverage, visit