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Top Spring Destinations In The U.S.

Many popular destinations see a dip in tourist traffic during the spring months. This means you can enjoy mild temperatures, lower rates, and less crowds during this time. If you can get away during the spring months to visit the beaches that seem crowded and unaffordable during the summer, or the most talked about cities like New Orleans or Las Vegas- do it! You will be paying a fraction of what the crowds will be have to pay in a few months!

Let’s dive in head first and check out our top 7 spring destinations!

Myrtle BeachYou don’t have to wait for summer to head to the beach. Myrtle Beach is the perfect beach vacation and it’s already starting to see continuous sunshine and warm temperatures.  Miles of sand, Ripley’s Aquarium, shopping, irresistible food, boardwalk, and ocean views at every turn, make this destination a top pick for spring and escaping the last few weeks of winter. Other activities that are perfect during spring months in Myrtle Beach include golf, fishing, jet skiing, and even visiting a former rice plantation that sits on 9,100 acres. 


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