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Five Fabulous Resorts for Snow Skiing

Whistler Gondola ViewIt’s time to start thinking about those cold weather, snowy, destinations for winter outdoor fun. Many people want to hit the slopes as soon as the conditions are right, and are eager to repeat the experience well into the last days of the winter season. With so many ski resorts to choose from, why limit yourself to just one?

We’ve gathered 5 fantastic ski towns and resorts just in time for Opening Day. We’ll have you ending 2015 on the right foot and starting 2016 down the right slope (pun intended)! 

1) Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a skier’s paradise. Famous for steep terrain and gorgeous scenery,

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Tips For Traveling on Your Own

Solo TravelIf you have the heart of an independent explorer, traveling alone is a fulfilling way to see the world on your terms. You can travel at your own pace, partake in activities that interest you, eat when and where you please, and you never have to negotiate with a partner on the common accompanied travel dilemmas such as “Well, I want to see this Museum,” when museums bore you and you would rather take in the sights and sounds of strolling through a city’s park.

Of course, there are cons to traveling alone: It can be more expensive, you don’t have a built-in sightseeing or dining companion, and no one to help you figure out a Plan B if something goes awry.

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