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This week, our own Kathie Clark shares her experience traveling to the City of Light.

I have been obsessed with Paris from the moment I knew it existed. 


I felt a connection to it that I could not explain. I was just drawn to it and knew that someday, somehow, I needed to visit there. So, when my soon-to-be husband asked where I wanted to go on our honeymoon, the words flew out of my mouth before he even got the entire sentence out. My wish came true almost three years ago and I have been plotting our return ever since.

The first surprise in the planning process came when we learned that Best Western is an entirely different animal in France than in the U.S. It appears they have purchased boutique hotels and put their brand name on them. We chose the Hotel Cambronne Best Western merely because it was near the Eiffel Tower. Who knew how absolutely brilliant this decision would be. Talk about dumb luck!

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