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River Cruising vs. Ocean Cruising
What’s Right for You?

By Chaitanya Bala

River Cruise vs. Ocean CruiseMost of us are pretty familiar with ocean cruises. When you think of cruising on an ocean liner, you imagine yourself going on board a huge and luxurious ship, standing on your balcony, staring out into the big blue abyss, with the breeze blowing on your face. You dock at a huge port, and then you ride into the city in order to get a taste of the city for what it is. Now, river cruising on the other hand, is a little different. When you stare out from your balcony (if there even is one, for that matter) you don’t see a big blue abyss; instead, you see the local town and residents walking around taking care of their daily tasks. River cruising is a completely different experience from your traditional ocean cruise. But how do you know which one you’re going to enjoy more? To help you answer that question, we’ve provided a guide that will help you choose the cruise of a lifetime that works for you!


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Spring Break Dilemma?
Explore These 4 Must-Visit Destinations

By Chaitanya Bala

It’s alShutterstock_165824879most here guys! Just a few more exams left to study your brains out for and a couple more pages to write for your essay on the theory of modern Confucianism. Then you’re off to a week of sunny, warm paradise with your besties and buddies. Spring Break is the ultimate time to let loose, have fun, and do a ton of sightseeing! But let’s be honest – there are way too many places and too little time to see everything. But maybe we can help you narrow down your choices. Whether you’re a foodie, a party animal, a beach aficionado, or a lover of rich culture, there are plenty of options for every single one of you. And the best part? We’ve got just the destinations to suit each of your needs! And no worries – we realize you’re working off a budget, so don’t be worried about breaking the bank. Now sit back, read some of our great suggestions for the best Spring Break destinations this year, and then get back to work. You’ve got a midterm coming up!


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6 Tips to Breeze through Airport Security

By Chaitanya Bala

You just booked a fliShutterstock_322320824ght to destination paradise! Pretty soon, you’re going to be kicking back and relaxing against a beautiful backdrop with your loved ones. But before you can get the chance to do that, there’s one major obstacle you must get through: dreaded airport security. Having to take off your shoes and jackets in the middle of a crowded, frustrated line of people, while trying to yank all your electronics out of your compact backpack can be pretty hectic and stressful. With airport security being the most tedious step during air travel, it’s not surprising people get frustrated before stepping in line. But you can make your experience a lot easier, quicker, and efficient if you’re well-prepared beforehand. Here are 6 great tips to help you breeze through airport security.


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Kathie Clark is back! This time, she lets us in on dining etiquette in Paris, yummy food options, and even gives us a quick French lesson.


6 Tips on Dining Right in Paris

, again! In our look at travel to Paris, today we’re going to talk about food. Food and Paris go together like peanut butter and jelly – except imagine if they’d actually invented peanut butter and jelly. A ton of what we eat today (particularly fine dining) stems from techniques the French invented and perfected. The thing that scares many travelers about eating in France is they think it is expensive. The problem is, they’re looking at it like they’d be going to the best, four-star restaurants in their city every day for every single meal. While you certainly have the opportunity to walk those calories off in Paris, is this what you really want to do? As I talked about in our first blog about Paris, I strongly believe in trying to be as “local” as you can when traveling there. That, mes amis, means making friends with the brasserie.


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Top 10 Cruise Getaways to Beat the Winter Blues

By Chaitanya Bala

Tropical-cruise-720x400cWith the harsh winter season having most of you frozen down to your bones, we know you would much rather be sailing on a cruise ship, with the warm, tropical breeze caressing your face and the hot sun shining on you. But even if you could just get up and go book a trip on an amazing cruise line right now, where would you go? That’s where we come to your rescue! We did our research and we’ve come up with a list of the top 10 cruise getaways based on user-written reviews so you can beat those winter blues in high style.


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