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What Does Trip Cancellation Not Cover?

CanceledTravel insurance companies heavily market their trip cancellation benefit. But if you’re not familiar with travel insurance terminology, you’ve probably raised your eyebrow at the term. What exactly is trip cancellation? Does this mean you get to cancel your trip if for some reason you’re no longer able to go on it? Well, that’s the challenging part. It’s tough to answer that question, because as with anything complex like insurance policies, there’s a lot of fine print and rules you need to comprehend. There’s also a huge difference between trip cancellation and “cancel for any reason.” To avoid the frustration of not being covered under trip cancellation insurance for any reason, here are a few reasons that may not be valid to file a claim under.


“I broke up with my partner”

Under most insurance policies that offer trip cancellation, a break up with a spouse or partner is not a covered reason to cancel your trip. For example, let’s say Alice has a scheduled cruise to the Bahamas for the 4th of July weekend with her boyfriend, Eddie. They have previously purchased an insurance policy that included the trip cancellation benefit. A week prior to the scheduled cruise, Alice and Eddie break up and cancel their trip. And unfortunately, when they go to file a claim, it’s rejected. Some companies’ trip cancellation benefits may cover legal separation or divorce, but be sure to ask questions and check the fine print of your policy to be sure.


“My dog passed away the day of the scheduled trip”

It’s an unthinkable event – having to put a pet down last minute due to a sudden illness or your pet dying in an untimely accident, just a day prior to your trip. Undoubtedly, you will have mixed feelings about traveling, or engaging in enjoyable activities during a sad time like this. Let’s take a look at Jessica. Her dog dies a day prior to her tour out to Alaska due to an accident, and she decides to cancel her trip because she has trip cancellation as part of her coverage. When she files a claim, she’s shocked to discover that her claim has been rejected. This is because most insurance companies don’t consider the death of pet a covered reason. Your policy would most likely cover your trip cancellation due to the death of a covered family member, but probably not your pet.


“I went into labor right before my trip.”

If you’re starting a family and expecting a baby soon, beware that going into labor and having to cancel your trip at the last minute isn’t covered under travel insurance policies. For example, Annalise and Brad had to cancel their summer getaway because of the early arrival of their child. When they went to file a claim under their travel insurance policy, they were disappointed to see that it had been rejected. This is because pregnancy is generally not a covered reason for trip cancellation, unless it’s a life threatening pregnancy that could harm the mother or child.


Overall, the general rule of thumb is, if it’s not explicitly stated as a covered reason in your insurance policy, it’s likely not a covered reason through which you can file a claim if you have to cancel your trip. However, if you were to get a Cancel For Any Reason benefit, you may be able to get coverage for situations that are generally not covered by simple trip cancellation.  In any event, always make sure to reach out to a representative to make 100% sure you understand your policy. And don’t hesitate to reach out to us, as well!


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