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3 Differences Between Traditional Policies & Credit Cards with Travel Insurance

Travel InsuranceTravel insurance is ubiquitous. You can purchase a policy directly from your insurance company, and also, travel insurance can actually be built into your – wait for it – credit card! A selection of brands offer some of the benefits that you can find in a travel insurance policy. With some of the best travel credit cards offering a plethora of benefits, it would seem unnecessary to purchase a traditional travel insurance policy. However, travel benefits included on a credit card are not a substitute for a travel insurance policy, and many times, people are unaware of that. So what are some limitations of credit cards with travel insurance and what benefits do they lack? Let’s find out!

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Don’t Do These 5 Things if Your Cruise Ship Hits a Storm

Fbf69892-a338-4f01-aed8-b302c1ef6d1fYou’re on a beautiful cruise ship, off to the Caribbean Islands, and out of nowhere a storm hits. You’re stuck in the middle of nothing but vast ocean, and you’re scared out of your mind. What are you supposed to do? You want to make sure you make it out of there alive. Well, quite obviously, the most important thing is to stay calm and stick together during times of crisis. But what about some absolute do-not’s? Well, today we’re lighting up the mood a little bit and taking a page out of the Hollywood super hit, Titanic. Jack and Rose were the century’s most passionate lovers, and favorite movie characters – but they also taught us a lot about what can get you into a lot of trouble while you’re shipwrecked. So here’s a list of what not to do if you end up shipwrecked during your cruise, as shown to us by Jack and Rose:

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