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image from www.wendywutours.comMarketing travel insurance can be quite the challenge. Travel insurance is never an easy product to get consumers excited about or take seriously, and thereby, many companies who offer travel insurance – including ourselves – often find themselves at the drawing board when developing new ways to help travelers understand just how important travel insurance really is while traveling.

If you’re a travel insurance broker or a tour operator who happens to also be selling travel insurance, you may often find yourself trying to develop ways to educate, entice, and ultimately convince consumers that travel insurance is beneficial for them. You could always talk to consumers about why travel insurance is a good asset during travels, or provide a summary of benefits information to the consumer regarding what they’d be getting if they purchased a travel insurance policy.

But, let’s be real.

The fact of the matter is that’s a pretty passive, and dry way of presenting travel insurance to your customers. It doesn’t really open travelers’ eyes to the importance of travel insurance, and it’s quite possible that your consumers probably don’t even understand what they’re buying.

So, now what?

Is there a way to make help your consumers understand travel insure and its value? Sure there is. In fact, there are quite a few ways of achieving this. As a company that’s been closely working with travel insurance since 1974, we would like to share 3 tried-and-tested methods we’ve seen along the years that have really helped engage with travelers!


Infographics and White Papers

image from lorirtaylor.comIf you’re not already doing this, this should be the very first piece of the content marketing puzzle you should be aiming to fill in. Infographics and white papers are one of the simplest means of getting complex information across to their audience in a compact, easy-to-understand manner. The cool thing about an infographic is that it can contain all those boring stats and standardized information that people usually passively skim over, and put it in a dashboard-like one-page sheet with lots of images and color, where consumers can scan around and absorb pieces of information more easily. This, in turn, would help them make more informed decisions when they decide to purchase travel insurance.

Here’s a link to a great example of an infographic. This infographic discusses the most common accidents and diseases that can occur when visiting a particular area of the United States, as well as the costs of treatment and recovery times for each of these situations. This type of infographic can keep the viewer engaged, as they easily scan around the image to find different destinations across the country, and compare costs and recovery time from place to place. Imagine all this information in essay format though – not a pretty picture, is it?


Customer Testimonials

image from www.betterloanofficers.comPerhaps your issue isn’t that you’re unable to condense tedious information into a more fun, easy-to-understand format, but rather that you’re unable to convince the consumers themselves that travel insurance does affect lives, and does help people in critical circumstances. Let’s face it; the vast majority of consumers are skeptics. They feel that the sole purpose of marketing is to dupe the consumer into purchasing a product they likely don’t even need. And the person they’re going to trust the least regarding the legitimacy of the product is the seller: you. You need someone who they can relate to. And who better can relate to a consumer than another consumer?

This is precisely why testimonials are super important for any company to have access to. If you have a record of past clients who purchased a travel insurance policy from you, reach out to them and see if you can share their stories to prospective customers. Healthcare.gov has done a good job at taking some of these stories and presenting them in powerful videos, and touching anecdotes which can be viewed here. Whether you choose to put up a video testimonial, or simply have a list of quotes from past consumers is entirely up to you. But definitely make sure to get access to this.


Interactive Content Tools

image from www.jeffbullas.comAs a rather new approach in marketing travel insurance, interactive tools are taking engaging customers to a whole new level. Even though testimonials and infographics are, without a doubt, worlds better than bland documents, and biased copy on a website that boast the importance of travel insurance without evidence to back it up, they are still passive avenues for absorbing information. At the end of the day, the consumer is still only on the receiving end of the information.

However, interactive tools are helping to break this dissonance between the consumer and the producer. With interactive tools, you don’t have to tell consumers what they need to purchase, or why it’s good for them. But rather, you let them decide based on their lifestyle and needs. Some examples of this are quizzes, surveys, or even a product finder tool like this. This is the product tool we use to help consumers figure out which plan they need. Whether you implement such a tool just for fun, or specifically for consumers ready to purchase a policy, having it at their disposal would really help consumers, not only read into who they are and what they need, but also help reduce buyer’s remorse, as consumers become better informed on what they’re purchasing.


Hopefully we’ve given you some interesting ideas to help you enhance marketing travel insurance! Whether you’re a tour operator, a travel insurance agent, or a broker who’s trying to start digging into the travel insurance market a little further, these are ways in which all of you can help express the importance of travel insurance to your consumers.

Good luck! 😊


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