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7 Spooky Destinations That Capture the Essence of Halloween

Halloween is ubiquitously magnificent. It’s one of those holidays where you can really enjoy the adrenaline rush of all the talk of ghosts, witches, and the paranormal. It’s also a time to appreciate the night sky, costume parties where you can be someone (or something) else for a day, and really give yourself the chance to let loose a bit. But the question always stands: Where is the best place to celebrate Halloween? Well, in case you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these top destinations that really capture the mysterious and spooky aura of Halloween.

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3 Engaging Ways to Market Travel Insurance to Your Customers

image from www.wendywutours.comMarketing travel insurance can be quite the challenge. Travel insurance is never an easy product to get consumers excited about or take seriously, and thereby, many companies who offer travel insurance – including ourselves – often find themselves at the drawing board when developing new ways to help travelers understand just how important travel insurance really is while traveling.

If you’re a travel insurance broker or a tour operator who happens to also be selling travel insurance, you may often find yourself trying to develop ways to educate, entice, and ultimately convince consumers that travel insurance is beneficial for them. You could always talk to consumers about why travel insurance is a good asset during travels, or provide a summary of benefits information to the consumer regarding what they’d be getting if they purchased a travel insurance policy.

But, let’s be real.

The fact of the matter is that’s a pretty passive, and dry way of presenting travel insurance to your customers. It doesn’t really open travelers’ eyes to the importance of travel insurance, and it’s quite possible that your consumers probably don’t even understand what they’re buying.

So, now what?

Is there a way to make help your consumers understand travel insure and its value? Sure there is. In fact, there are quite a few ways of achieving this. As a company that’s been closely working with travel insurance since 1974, we would like to share 3 tried-and-tested methods we’ve seen along the years that have really helped engage with travelers!

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6 Safety Tips for Train Travel in Europe

By Jessica Thiefels 

image from www.trainsonthebrain.comEuropean trains offer travelers an inexpensive and easy way to travel between countries, and as with any type of travel, safety should always be on your mind. This is especially true if you’re new to the area and unaware of local customs or train etiquette.

Luckily, with a few safety tips in mind you can enjoy the convenience of train travel without stressing about safety. So sit back, relax, and watch the changing countryside flash by you.

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Which USI Affinity Travel Insurance Product is Right for You?

Shutterstock_233408374Travel insurance – it’s not quite like picking out an outfit for date night, figuring out the right hairstyle for yourself, or even choosing an entrée at a fancy restaurant. Indeed, it’s far more complicated. With so many insurance companies out there using elaborate names for their travel insurance products and language that’s not exactly easy to understand, it can quickly become mindboggling for you to figure out exactly what it is that you’re buying when selecting a travel insurance policy.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a guide that could help you decipher all the insurance jargon and make an informed decision about what insurance product would be perfect for you?

There is!

That’s precisely what we’ve put together for you. Although we can’t go too in-depth about other companies’ products, we can really get down to the last detail regarding our own products. So without further ado, here’s the go-to guide for understanding USI Travel Insurance Services. 

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Attention International Students:
Here’s how your family can get health insurance!

Shutterstock_394875496When you’re an international student coming to the United States to study, it’s true that the process – from applying to the program of your choice, to getting your visa processed, to finally getting international student health insurance after you decide which program you’re going to go with – can be a tedious one.

But, what if you’re married and/or have children?

It seems like coming to the United States to study as a man or woman with a family can be even more of an excruciating process. After all, as a single student you’re only responsible for yourself. You only need to worry about getting one visa approval, and you only need to be concerned with finding a source of international student health insurance for one person.

However, if you’re a married student, and/or have children, you’ve got two or more people you need to worry about. Whether you’re a student who has a spouse and children back home that you’re trying to bring over here, or you’re trying to come to the United States along with your family, one thing is certain: you want to ensure your family can get access to medical coverage whether it’s through your international student health insurance or otherwise.

How is this possible?

No worries! There are, in fact, quite a few avenues you can take advantage of in order to ensure your family gets medical coverage just like you. Here are a few of them:

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