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5 Most Incredible Border Cities You Must Visit

I can safely bet that a lot of you frequently read blogs and articles that tell you what country you absolutely must visit. Even we here at Travel Insurance Services do it – can’t deny it. And that’s great. Visiting a country, getting to absorb its culture, language, and people is a valuable experience that everyone should have the chance to experience. But I mean, what if you weren’t exactly visiting a country. What if either foot was literally in two countries? What if you turned one way, and you saw one distinctive world, while you turned around the other way and saw another one? That’s the unique, exhilarating experience you get to partake in when you visit border cities. So we’ve hand-picked 5 of these gorgeous border cities you absolutely must visit at some point in your life!


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4 Ways Travel Insurance Services Help During Hurricanes

With Hurricane Matthew making a major comeback after 2007 when it caused major destruction in many Caribbean nations, people are concerned about the damage it will cause this time around. As of 11 am this morning, it appears that the hurricane is quickly approaching the Bahamas, and soon after, will be heading right over to the United States towards Palm Beach, Florida. With so many people regrettably cancelling their trips to and around Florida due to the storm, the question of whether or not trip investments can be salvaged is very prominent. It’s times like this where travel insurance services could help if purchased early enough. Here’s 4 reasons why travel insurance for hurricanes can help if your trip gets derailed by something as catastrophic as Hurricane Matthew.

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5 Out-of-Your-Control Reasons to Consider International Medical Travel Insurance

As a company that’s been selling travel insurance policies for years, we realize just how difficult it is to help people understand how international medical travel insurance actually benefits them, and isn’t a waste of money. Travel insurance can make many individuals raise their eyebrows in skepticism. After all, you’re investing all this time and money into a vacation you’ve been carefully planning for weeks, months, or even years. So, why would you even plan on cancelling it? Even though travel insurance as a whole may sound pretty paradoxical to you right now, the fact of the matter is many of the reasons trips get cancelled are out of a person’s control. Here’s 5 situations that are out of your hands and can ruin your trip, making travel insurance a good idea to at least consider.

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