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Paying Tribute to the Martin Luther King Jr. Historic Site

image from ioneadwnews.files.wordpress.comWith Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday coming up tomorrow, one often wonders – what was this great man’s life all about? We all know of the “I Have a Dream” speech and are well aware of the legacy he left behind when he united the White and Colored communities of the United States back in 1964. We are constantly reminded of his contributions he made to the Civil Rights Movement, and we’re pretty well-versed in the activities that took place during his adult life.

But what about his childhood?

This is one of the topics that isn’t often touched much by history books, the media, or historians in general. Where did Martin Luther King Jr. grow up? How did he grow up? What did he spend much of his childhood and younger days doing that culminated into him becoming the famous church minister-turned-civil activist that everyone speaks of today? When you visit Atlanta Georgia, you get the chance to answer all of these questions when you visit the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. What does this entail? Let’s find out!    

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3 Things to Consider Before Purchasing U.S. Visitor Health Insurance

By Chaitanya Bala

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Choosing the right health insurance for visitors to the USA can be a very tricky process. After all, the United States has one of the most complex healthcare systems around, which means that not getting travel insurance isn’t a wise option. Sure, when traveling to other countries (especially second world countries where having travel medical insurance is likely pricier than just getting treated at a local medical facility) it might seem that travel medical insurance is something you can easily omit. Although travel insurance is always a safe bet anywhere you go, we can agree that in some areas of the world, it’s not as risky to be uninsured.

But…the United States is a different ball game.

Coming to the United States as a visitor without travel medical insurance can be pretty chancy. It can be like riding a Harley without a helmet, driving a car without a seatbelt, and well…you get the picture. The point is, U.S. visitor health insurance is a pretty smart investment to make when you come here to visit for a short, or even extended period of time. With the high costs of medical treatment in this country, a simple visit to the doctor’s office without travel medical insurance can be detrimental to your finances. Now that we’ve covered why visitor’s travel medical insurance is critical when coming to the United States, one question still remains…

What’s the right visitor’s travel medical insurance for you?

There are quite a few factors that visitors can take into consideration here as they select the right travel insurance plan for them. Let’s go through each of these!

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5 of the Hottest Spots Tour Operators in the U.S. Should Offer in 2017

The New Year is a time when many individuals decide to make changes in their life, or come up with a New Year’s resolution to motivate them to carry out those changes. There are a variety of resolutions that people strive to make for the New Year, whether it’s a change in lifestyle, short-term goals, or even a change in one’s way of thinking.

But there is one New Year’s resolution in particular that many individuals make; to travel more frequently.

What does that mean for travel agents and tour operators in the U.S.?

Well, this means you’ve got a brand new market of potential travels to nurture and cater to this year. Some may be newbies to the entire act of traveling, and some may simply be looking for new places to travel to. So without further ado, here are 5 of the hottest destinations to offer trips to customers in 2017!


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