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Traveling to Southeast Asia This Year? Check Out These 4 Gorgeous Places of Worship!

According to a report that Google produced late last year, travel trends have recently been shifting. People are starting to favor adventure-based vacation ideas over luxury-based vacations. Vacation spots which were once considered the norm among American tourists, such as Paris, France, and Cancun, Mexico, although still common, are being replaced with fresh new spots in a completely different part of the world: Southeast Asia. Travel to this Southeastern Asian countries has risen recently, and is expected to keep booming, especially into 2025.

As a very culturally rich and diverse area of the world, it only made sense to focus today’s blog topic on some of the gorgeous temples, churches, mosques, and other places of worship that really showcase the cultural diversity of South Asia. Regardless of whether you’re a religious individual or not, each of these places is still a breathtaking sight for pictures and can tell you an enriching story about the area’s cultural history.

So, without further ado, here are 4 gorgeous houses of worship you absolutely must check out if you’re visiting Southeast Asia anytime soon!

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Are You Selling Travel Insurance? Check Out These 5 FAQs Regarding Travel Insurance

image from media.licdn.comAs someone who’s selling travel insurance, whether you’re a seasoned insurance broker, or perhaps a tour operator who newly implemented travel insurance into their product offering, you’ve all probably been bombarded with some of the same questions over and over. Whether customers need a 411 from the very get-go explaining the many uses of travel insurance, or need insight into something a bit more particular, it might help to have a handy guide that you can study and follow. What are these frequently asked questions? Let’s begin!

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3 Must-Attend Travel Insurance Conferences in 2017!

image from hagede.hrInsurance conferences have a way of sneaking up on us. Given they’re not very heavily publicized as, say, bodybuilding or entertainment conventions, it’s very easy for them to fall off our radar. After all, going to a weekend-long event to discuss and listen to keynote speakers chatting about travel insurance doesn’t tickle most people’s fancy.

However, there are a plethora of reasons you may have a desire or need to attend a travel insurance conference. Maybe you’re a travel blogger that’s looking to gain more insight into the world of travel insurance and how it works so you can give your readers the appropriate tips on how to go about purchasing a policy. Or perhaps you’re a travel agent or independent travel insurance broker who’s looking to figure out the best strategies on integrating travel insurance into your services. Whatever your need may be, we’ve carved out 5 special travel insurance conferences to look out for this year!


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