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5 Iconic United States Landmarks Where Women Made History

March is a popular month for a plethora of reasons, including St. Paddy’s Day, as well as the start of spring in colder areas. Women’s History Month is also celebrated in March.   Women’s History Month rejoices in the achievements and contributions women have made throughout American history, and include contributions in the areas of the arts, sciences, or social movements.

There are many museums, monuments, and memorials that showcase the achievements of women in the United States. Wouldn’t it be even more of a mesmerizing experience if you could be in the very locations where these famous women actually engaged in these memorable acts?

This is why we’ve put together a list of 5 iconic landmarks in the U.S where women made history. Enjoy!


Rosa Parks Arrest Site

image from media-cdn.tripadvisor.comAs the sign reads, this is the exact bus stop that made Rosa Parks legendary. This was the where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on December 1, 1955. This event triggered the start of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which would influence the Civil Rights Movement. Just being able to stand in the very spot where this moment in history took place is inspirational.


Seneca Falls, NY

image from upload.wikimedia.orgIn the small town of Seneca Falls, NY, you can find a little treasure trove of women’s achievements lingering throughout. First and foremost, Seneca Falls, NY happens to be the spot where the very first Woman’s Rights Convention was held back in 1848. Aside from this, Seneca Falls also happens to be the birthplace and hometown of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two significant women in the Woman’s Suffrage Movement.


Vietnam Women’s Memorial

image from upload.wikimedia.orgThe Vietnam Women’s Memorial, in Washington DC was originally established to honor women who served in the Armed Forces, as well as serve as a place of solace to the families who lost loved ones in the war. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial was dedicated in 1993 as part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Vietnam Women’s Memorial is l a significant site which really pays tribute to many of the brave, legendary women who fought, and lost their lives in the Vietnam War.


Original Selena Boutique & Selena Museum

image from i1154.photobucket.comAs a visionary for Tejano music, Selena Quintanilla-Perez bridged the gap between Mexican Polka-style music and American pop music at the time. Just before her death in 1995, she had won a Latin Grammy, begun launching her own fashion business, which was a huge hit, and was on her way to becoming a superstar. If you go to her hometown in Corpus Christi, TX, you can see what used to be her first boutique, which garnered thousands of visitors within the first year, as well as a museum which honors all of her special moments.


Oberlin College

image from upload.wikimedia.orgOberlin College, located in Oberlin, OH, may appear to just be a quaint little liberal arts college, but has a rich history way beyond its size. An alumna of Oberlin was the very first woman of African American descent to ever receive a Bachelor’s degree. We’re talking about Mary Jane Patterson. When she was 12 years old, she and her family moved to Oberlin, Ohio from North Carolina. She attended the local schools and then enrolled at Oberlin.  Oberlin is proud to hold this distinction in history.


We hope we’ve given you a few cool landmarks to check out. It would’ve been quite easy to simply list out a number of museums which showcase women’s achievements. However, some of us want to be in these women’s shoes, stand where they once stood, and take a moment to imagine how the situations would’ve been for these women.


With that being said, enjoy the rest of Women’s History Month, and let us know if you do visit any of these sites! :)



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