3 Ways Group Travel Insurance Can Help You Build Customer Trust

IconAs a tour operator or travel agent, you probably take great pride in what you do. Ever since before you can even remember, you’ve always been mesmerized by all the beautiful destinations that the Earth has to offer, and wanderlust has always been ingrained in your blood. It’s for this very reason that you took all the measures to start your own business and learn the travel trade; because bringing joy and adventure to other people’s lives, showing them what you’re passionate about, and even changing people’s perspectives gives you meaning in life. But let’s be honest, managing your own business and keeping every single customer happy isn’t always easy. Especially when your business is something as complex as organizing packaged trips and tours. So many things can go wrong, which can cause friction between you and your customers. But, there is one thing that can actually help ease these tensions: travel insurance. Sound questionable to you? Well, here are just a few different ways that offering group travel insurance as part of your tour package can help ease tension and actually build trust among your customers.

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5 of the Most Diverse Labor Day Weekend Festivals

So, what are your Labor Day Weekend plans this year?

It’s time to say goodbye to summer! Labor Day Weekend is a chance to celebrate the end of summer with your friends and family, so it’s no surprise Labor Day is widely celebrated by people all over the country. People celebrate with delicious barbecue, their favorite brands of beer, and good company. It’s also pretty common for individuals to celebrate at beaches and bays, as this is the last time to really enjoy the summer climate before autumn arrives. Boating, water-skiing, and kayaking are some of the more popular activities that people engage in during Labor Day weekend. But are you looking for something a little different? Not that boating and water-skiing aren’t awesome activities, but all of us want something fresh and new every now and then. So that’s why we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most culturally diverse Labor Day Weekend festivals around the country!

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3 Ways Having No Travel Insurance is Similar to Gambling

How often would you risk losing your money to gambling?

445250_72459756Gambling is an activity that is still viewed by many members of society as taboo, and dangerous even. Sure, the act of throwing down a few bills on occasion for a game of Roulette is pretty commonplace in today’s society. Nonetheless, we always get a little nervous when we ourselves, or one of our loved ones, puts down a bet - whether that bet is $20 or $2,000. Gambling has also been known to ruin peoples’ lives and plans, as was seen with medical school student, Philip Markoff, who lost it all from gambling – a promising career, a loving fiancée, and the support of his family. So it makes sense why gambling gets people’s blood pressure rising. However, when we think about purchasing a travel insurance policy, we never tend to make the same connection. Sure, there aren’t any psychological addictions associated with not having trip insurance. But have you ever considered how, by not having insurance, you’re playing with fire similar to a gambler? If you’re completely baffled right now, let us break it down for you with the 3 ways not having travel insurance is pretty similar to gambling at a casino.

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Want the FaceCradle travel pillow? Check out these 5 while you wait!

Are any of you excited about the FaceCradle Travel Pillow that has been going viral for the past week? This awesome pillow is already being dubbed the world’s best travel pillow, and it hasn’t even been launched yet! This pillow is getting so much buzz because it supposedly allows you to sleep five different ways, while letting you rest your whole head on it as if you were sleeping on an actual pillow. Passengers who have been part of the trial run say it has allowed them to get the best sleep they’ve ever received on an economy class flight. Unfortunately, this product isn’t expected to be completed until the end of September, which means, it’s likely the pillow won’t be released to the actual public until towards the end of the year. The good news, however, is there are other amazing travel pillow alternatives available while you wait. Here’s the list!

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No international student health insurance? Here are 3 steps to getting coverage

Did you know that 20% of college students in the U.S. don’t have health insurance?

Shutterstock_343220096Doesn’t seem too alarming at first glance. But if you really think about it, it’s a pretty scary fact. We’re looking at 1.7 million college students, including local and international students, who aren’t going to get international student health insurance coverage for a visit to the doctor’s office if they fall terribly ill or get injured. Whether it’s too much studying, too much partying, or a random accident that causes their bodies to give out or require treatment, those without insurance will have to pay for medical fees out-of-pocket. And guess what, if you’re an international student, your fees are even higher.

Are you concerned now?

No worries! If you are one of the international students who doesn’t have student health insurance right now, don’t sweat it. This situation is still fixable. With the school year just having started back up, here’s exactly what you can do to ensure you get insurance coverage sooner rather than later.

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