5 Out-of-Your-Control Reasons to Consider International Medical Travel Insurance

As a company that’s been selling travel insurance policies for years, we realize just how difficult it is to help people understand how international medical travel insurance actually benefits them, and isn’t a waste of money. Travel insurance can make many individuals raise their eyebrows in skepticism. After all, you’re investing all this time and money into a vacation you’ve been carefully planning for weeks, months, or even years. So, why would you even plan on cancelling it? Even though travel insurance as a whole may sound pretty paradoxical to you right now, the fact of the matter is many of the reasons trips get cancelled are out of a person’s control. Here’s 5 situations that are out of your hands and can ruin your trip, making travel insurance a good idea to at least consider.

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International Students Health Insurance: Where to Go for These Medical Needs

image from luc.eduWhen international students come to the United States to start their undergraduate or graduate school careers, they’re ecstatic about being a student in a foreign country. They’re excited to be surrounded by the campus life, the college parties, and even the classes they’ll be taking!

But with all good things also comes some unfortunate ones, like getting sick. Whether a student has just broken up with his/her partner and is in need of some counseling to feel better, or has a cold, or worst of all, needs to be rushed off to the ER, these are all situations that require medical attention. Fortunately for international students, it’s a requirement by most colleges that these students have international students health insurance before beginning their academic careers in the States. But the question still stands:

Where do you go for different types of medical emergencies?

This is something that may be a little difficult for international students to wrap their heads around, especially since many nations have much simpler healthcare systems than we do. For example, at home, you may go to the same few doctors for all your medical queries. But in many American colleges, there’s a plethora of different places for each need. So let’s take a minute and break it down. Here’s where you go during each medical situation:

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Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Latin-American Destinations in the U.S. You Have to Visit

 Hispanic heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th) showcases the achievements of Hispanic Americans in many different fields all over the United States. During Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s all about celebrating the legacies these communities have left behind for the rest of us, whether it’s art, science, or historical events. In honor of this month, here’s a list of some of the different Hispanic communities around the country you should visit!

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3 Ways Working with a TPA for Visitor Travel Insurance Can Grow Your Business Exponentially

Advice-on-how-to-properly-shake-hands-with-someoneWhether you’re a travel insurance broker, a tour operator, or a travel agent, you’ve all got one ultimate goal in mind, and that is satisfying your customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling visitor travel insurance policies to your customers, or vacation packages. The bottom line is, you want your customer to feel confident that you are the expert at what you do, and that you pretty much have all the answers to their questions. Now, it’s kind of difficult to have all the answers. But at the very least, you want to show your customers that you’re skilled at your craft; whether it’s taking them on the vacation of a lifetime, or recommending an insurance policy. But regardless of what your occupation is, there’s one thing professionals in your fields can benefit from: working with a third-party administrator. In particular, a third-party administrator who is licensed to sell a variety of insurance. How so? Let’s go through 3 different ways working with a TPA can help you grow your business and make your customers happy.

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5 Items to Put in Your Suitcase to Help You Stay Healthy While Traveling

By Jessica Thiefels

1076x615-exercise-on-the-road-stay-fit-while-travelingAh, vacation: A time to relax, forget the stresses of life, and try all the local goods you can get your hands on—drinks and food, included. If you follow any sort of healthy lifestyle at home, you know that vacation-mode will derail even the most determined person. That is, if you’re not prepared with the right equipment. Staying healthy while traveling is not only possible, it can make your trip more fun and relaxing. When you’ve gotten your workout in for the day, you’re less worried about trying that local dessert or lying by the pool for a few extra hours. Give yourself some much-needed guilt-relief by prepping for your trip with health in mind. Pack these must-have items and you’ll feel healthy, happy and relaxed.

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