5 of the Hottest Spots Tour Operators in the U.S. Should Offer in 2017

The New Year is a time when many individuals decide to make changes in their life, or come up with a New Year’s resolution to motivate them to carry out those changes. There are a variety of resolutions that people strive to make for the New Year, whether it’s a change in lifestyle, short-term goals, or even a change in one’s way of thinking.

But there is one New Year’s resolution in particular that many individuals make; to travel more frequently.

What does that mean for travel agents and tour operators in the U.S.?

Well, this means you’ve got a brand new market of potential travels to nurture and cater to this year. Some may be newbies to the entire act of traveling, and some may simply be looking for new places to travel to. So without further ado, here are 5 of the hottest destinations to offer trips to customers in 2017!


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Guide to Beating the Flight Delay Blues Part 3: 4 Places to Unwind and Relax!  image from www.xpresspa.com

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been going over some fun and unique ways many of you can kill time while you’re waiting at the airport, either due to a long layover, or a delay! For art lovers, we showed you some cool exhibits you can find at airports, and for the foodies, we’ve gone over some unique eateries to test out, as well.

But maybe neither of these options strike your fancy. In fact, some of you may be too worn out to walk around all over the airport looking for eateries and art exhibits.

All you really want to do is unwind and de-stress as you prepare for this amazing week away from work, office deadlines, and (most) responsibilities. So take a deep breath and relax! Stop stressing over your delayed flight or your 5-hour long layover. Instead, check out these amazing in-airport spas and salons, and pamper yourself with luxury treatment that is probably long overdue.

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6 Gifts for People Who Travel that Won’t Break the Bank

By Jessica Thiefels 

image from bossip.files.wordpress.com

We all have a few world travelers in our lives—they’re here and there, and always posting pictures of their latest trip for you to pine over at home. Now, while they’re home for the holidays, it’s time to shower them with your love and a great gift.

While travel is the number one wish list item this year, according to a 2016 holiday survey, sending your friends or family on an excursion may be a little out of your price range.

Instead, spoil them with one (or a few!) of these budget-friendly accessories and gifts. From stocking stuffers to presents to put under the tree, here are six of the best gifts for travel that won’t break the bank.

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4 Ways Worldwide Assistance Can Be Helpful During Medical Emergencies

By: Chaitanya Bala

AIf you’re raising your eyebrow right now, puzzled with regards to what exactly worldwide assistance is, you’re probably not the only one. Often times, this benefit which is automatically included in most travel insurance plans, gets buried to the bottom of coverage descriptions, since there really isn’t a monetary value associated with it. As Trip Cancellation and Emergency Medical Evacuation are both pressing issues where your travel investment, or the money you’ve spent on a trip as well as potential costs, are at stake, these are generally the benefits that are really emphasized on most policy plans.

However, worldwide assistance is more crucial than it may appear on paper. It may be the difference between a policyholder getting coverage for their claim, and getting denied. It can also save you a lot of time, as well as keep you from getting overwhelmed. Emergency situations are stressful and nerve-wracking enough to deal with as they are, so having to coordinate next steps on your own probably isn’t the best idea. Here are the 4 ways contacting worldwide assistance when you run into emergencies can make your life much easier.


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Guide to Beating the Flight Delay Blues Part 2: 5 Eateries You've Got to Try

Last week, we discussed some cool pieces of artwork that anyone could look for at some of the airports across the country. But hey, if you’re just not into art and would rather do something else, that’s completely okay! Some of you simply like to look for new things to snack or sip on when you’re bored. We totally agree that Wolfgang Puck and McDonald’s have probably got you all burned out by now. We’re pretty burned out, too. So that’s why we’ve compiled this list of eateries you must try at least once in your life if you’re ever stuck in a layover or have to suffer through a flight delay!

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