KAYAK Activities Feature 101: Find What to Do on Vacation

Many of you are probably familiar with KAYAK, a website which is used to find the cheapest deals on flights, hotels, cars, and much more. I’ve used this service to find cheap flight deals for last minute international flights, and it’s awesome. As if finding the cheapest available transportation to your dream destination wasn’t a cool enough service, now KAYAK is starting to offer its new “Activities” feature. What does this mean? Essentially, aside from being able to pick out your flight, hotel, and rental car, you can also pick out your vacation activities at the place you’re staying! Into the outdoors? Are you an animal lover? This new feature gives travelers who may be a little clueless about what they’re getting into once they reach their destination some cheap ideas and inspiration on what to do. So what are some of the most popular, cost-efficient activities I found while checking out the top 10 traveled destinations by Americans? Let’s take a look!

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Your Summer Vacation Guide Part #2:
Budgeting for Your International Trip

So by now, you’ve hopefully decided where your ideal summer vacation destination will be. If so, congrats! You’ve gotten through the first hurdle! But of course, in order to enjoy your vacation, you probably want to make sure you have enough money to get around, buy some souvenirs, and enjoy the entertainment and sightseeing. Before we tell you how to make a travel budget for your international ventures, there’s one thing you need to realize: not all vacation destinations are budgeted equally. While some parts of the world require you to splurge, other parts have a pretty favorable exchange rates and allow you to pretty much buy a shopping mall’s worth of goodies (if you can fit it all in your luggage.) So here’s a detailed guide of what a good budget would be for 3 frequently-traveled regions of the world!

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4 Budget Travel Stories Guaranteed to Bring out Your Inner Traveler

By Chaitanya Bala

By now, you all have the tools to travel on a budget, and spend wisely while on vacation. We’ve spent the last few weeks helping you understand the benefits of keeping a budget, and even let you in on some cool apps that make budgeting easier for you. All you need now is some inspiration - To know that there really are people out there that are able to have the best vacations of their lives simply by either following a budget, taking advantage of special deals and discounts, or coming up with an entirely new strategy on their own. So without further ado, it’s story time! Here are 4 budget travel stories that will motivate you to unleash your inner budget traveler!

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Travel Budget Series Part #2: How to Create a Travel Budget… and Stick to It

By Chaitanya Bala

Travel Piggy BankLast week, we covered a few cool ways you can save money while you’re on vacation. As much as following these tips will help you save, what you really need from the get-go to ensure you’re staying within your budget is to, well, learn how to make a budget and stick to it! And nowadays, it’s way easier to do so with cool online travel budget planners such as Budget Your Trip. So what are some of the essentials that go into calculating a travel budget? Keep reading to get started!


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Travel Budget Series Part #1:
6 Ways to Cut Costs while Traveling

By Chaitanya Bala

Budget TravelWe all love going on vacation. Whether we try to travel on a regular basis, or consider it a rare treat on special occasions, there’s something we all enjoy when traveling: discounts and saving money. Doesn’t matter if we’re luxury travelers who are willing to splurge on exotic deep-tissue massages, or backpackers who make last minute travel plans to get away from civilization for a week. If there are ways to save money, we will gladly take up the opportunity. So what exactly are some ways we can cut costs while traveling? It would seem that in today’s economy, finding cheap vacations that are worth taking would be hard. But it’s not impossible! So here it is, the first post of our travel budget series – six ways to cut costs while traveling.


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