#Rio2016: 10 Tweets to Remember from the Summer Olympics 2016

With the Olympic Games in full swing, #Rio2016 has become one of the most popular hashtags you can find on Twitter right now. People are showing their love and support for their nation’s teams, tweeting about their favorite athletes, and hey, even poking a little fun at some of them. Athletes themselves are even shouting out to their own as they support each other in upcoming competitions. With so much Twitter activity around the much-anticipated event watched by fans all over the world, it would be impossible to get through all the tweets people have posted. Fortunately, however, we’re here to do the dirty work for you, and rummage through the endless tweets to find the ones that are absolutely priceless.

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4 Reasons Why You Need to Visit the Great Barrier Reef Now

We all know about the Great Barrier Reef – whether you heard about it from your adventurous aunt who went scuba diving there, or you simply watched Finding Nemo a billion times. You’ve probably heard great things about it, like how majestic, picturesque, and downright gorgeous it is.

But, there’s a problem now.  The great barrier reef

As of late, the Great Barrier Reef has been struggling tremendously. Due to general climate changes, coral bleaching is a threat to the Great Barrier Reef, killing off the area's coral. Given that this is a huge concern for Australia’s environmentalists, the Great Barrier Reef was placed under the United Nations’ In-Danger Watch List. Soon after, a few authority figures in the coalition, including the Minister for the Environment made the claim that the coral reef is no longer in danger. However, this story doesn’t really add up because ironically enough, corals are still dying. Whether you believe what you read in the news or not, there is one thing we know for sure: The Great Barrier Reef is in danger, and its days may be numbered. So here are 4 reasons why you need to visit it while you still can.

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Safe Travels after the Brussels Bombings? Here’s What to Do.

Brussels BombingsIn case you haven’t been keeping up with the news lately, this past Tuesday morning was an absolutely dreadful day for the citizens of Brussels, Belgium, and is considered the deadliest act of terrorism in Belgium’s history. On the morning of March 22nd, three synchronized nail bombings took place in three different parts of Brussels: two at Brussels Airport, and one at the Maelbeek Metro Station. Thirty-one victims were proclaimed dead, and another 270 people were injured. As if the Paris Attacks from last November didn’t cause enough apprehension throughout the world, the Brussels Bombings have really reaffirmed people’s fears of traveling, reversing the progress that was beginning to occur. But that progress doesn’t have to stop. As difficult as it is to believe traveling abroad is still okay and possible right now, we can still do it. We can still stay safe and enjoy our vacations in peace. We just need to be careful. So here are some tips and alternatives, as well as some of the things you should be made aware of, so you can still enjoy your travels – safely!


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Will the Zika Virus Affect your Vacation?

By Chaitanya Bala

If you’ve been followZika Virusing the news, you’ve probably heard about the rampant Zika Virus, which is transmitted to humans by mosquito bites. Although the virus isn’t deadly to grown adults, they can still get sick from it, and pregnant women can be greatly affected. The virus has been linked to the prevalence of microcephaly, a disease that can cause severe birth defects and has been known to cause premature death in infants. Recently, the virus has caused much alarm in Brazil, and has been rapidly spreading to other countries in the Americas, and even a few places in the U.S. With the World Health Organization anticipating up to 4 million people in the Americas being exposed to the Zika Virus by the end of the year, it’s no surprise that people are cancelling their exotic trips. But, you may not have to if you take precautions. That’s why we reached out to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for some input, and came up with a few great safety tips so you can stroll across the tropical seaside with a smile on your face and the peace of mind you need to fully enjoy your trip.

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