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Summer's not over yet! There's still time to find a few last minute summer travel bargains, if you know where to look.

CNNMoney listed the following tips on how to book a cheap, last-minute getaway:

  • Try booking a Wednesday flight. It's one of the three cheapest days to fly, along with Tuesday and Saturday. And when you're booking your flight, Tuesday at
    3 p.m. is the time to find the best deals.
  • If you don't mind hitting the road, try a bus line like Megabus.com or BoltBus.com. They offer very low prices, free onboard Wi-Fi and the seats are pretty comfy.
  • Call a hotel directly to book a room so you can negotiate price. Most people don't think it's worth trying to get a better deal on a hotel if they can't score one online. Only 35% of people asked tried to negotiate a better deal on a room, but the ones that tried were successful 80% of the time. CNNMoney also suggests checking out a site like HotelChatter.com for new hotels that are trying to attract customers with low rates during the peak season.
  • Don't miss out on the savings that an attraction card or a city pass can offer. Most cities in the U.S. and abroad offer passes and get you into museums, bus tours and other events. Some even let you butt in line, politely of course!


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