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According to AAA, almost 35 million Americans will hit the road this Labor Day. Vacationers will gas up their sedans, minivans, mopeds and station wagons and hopefully get to their destination without having their automobile sputter out on the side of the road. Want to avoid spending the last celebration... Read more →

Facebook launched its new geo-location app "Facebook Places" last week, and many are saying it could change the way we travel. The feature lets users "check-in" at locations like movie theaters, restaurants, and landmarks and broadcast their location with friends. So, you're on vacation in Italy and you broadcast that... Read more →

Does the anticipation of five hours on the tarmac and lost baggage have you dreading your next trip? Well, things may not be so bad - at least that's what the latest report from the Department of Transportation (DOT) says. It seems DOT's new consumer protection measures, enacted last April,... Read more →

Travel insurance may not be what anyone wants to think about when they're planning a trip, but for anyone that recently planned to travel through a UK airport, there were probably a few tense moments this week when they wish they had. A travel crisis was averted earlier this week... Read more →

Nothing can ruin a trip like getting to your destination without your luggage. If its arrival is delayed, or the airline sent your bag off on its own little adventure, you could be temporarily without necessary toiletries or need to replace all of your clothing. And although many airlines may... Read more →