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Important Alert: Travel Issues in Libya, New Zealand and Bahrain

Recent political unrest and a natural disaster have led to U.S. and foreign governments advising travelers postpone trips to the three countries below: Libya The State Department has warned against non-essential travel to Libya due to the potential for ongoing unrest. Violent clashes between protesters and security forces continue to... Read more →

Not many people travel without a smartphone these days, and many frequent travelers are using phone apps to keep them on schedule and less stressed. Going on a trip soon? Try these three popular smartphone apps to keep it on track: FlightTrack. With frequent travel updates and a user-friendly layout,... Read more →

Many travelers underestimate just how many vacations are cut short by medical emergencies - some almost before they start. A passenger on board a recent cruise to the Bahamas only made it as far as the Chesapeake Bay before getting ill. He was medevaced from the ship to awaiting EMS... Read more →

Cairo Evacuation Information from U.S. Embassy

U.S. Embassy Cairo January 31, 2011 The U.S. Embassy in Cairo informs U.S. citizens in Egypt who wish to depart that the Department of State is making arrangements to provide transportation to safehaven locations in Europe. This assistance will be provided on a reimbursable basis, as required by U.S. law.... Read more →