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What to Know Before You Go

The travel season is upon us, and the trip you are planning is no doubt something you are anticipating with great joy. However, there are a few things you may wish to remember before you pack that last bag.

  • Take along a copy of your travel insurance policy with the emergency phone numbers.
  • If illness should occur on the trip and a claim is to be filed, be sure to seek medical care before returning home. It will probably be necessary to verify the medical condition causing the interruption or return.
  • Allow any emergency transportation arrangements to be made by the assistance company so payment may be guaranteed.
  • Remember: if there should be a baggage delay, that benefit will only reimburse for those items that have been purchased, so keep all receipts in order to present with a claim.
  • Baggage loss or theft must be verified by airline, police, hotel or some other authority.
  • Keep any receipts that may be reimbursable. Without them the claim will be much more difficult to prove.

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