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Tips for International Students Studying in the U.S.

Female Student Planning to study in the U.S.? The State Department has lots of helpful information for you.

  1. See tips and watch a video about how to apply for a student visa.

  2. Read the informative "If You Want to Study in the United States" booklets (available in Arabic, Chinese, English, Español, Français, Kazakh, Persian, and Russian).

  3. Learn all the ways you can get ready for your trip by reading travel tips, housing information, financial planning advice, and more.

The State Department also requires (or strongly recommends, for some visa types) getting health insurance and says, "If the university or college you attend does not offer a health insurance plan, it is extremely important that you obtain coverage of your own to protect yourself against potentially very high medical costs." Even if your school offers a plan, it will usually allow you to purchase a less expensive plan somewhere else as long as it meets certain requirements.

If you're looking for a low-cost student health insurance plan that meets most the requirements for most schools, check out Study USA-HealthCare. Join the thousands of international students across the US who enrolled online in Study USA-HealthCare and got their waiver forms the next day. Enroll now or call 1-800-937-1387 for more information.


John Smith

Thanks for your informational post. As you have mentioned healthcare in the US is quite expensive, so it is best that students opt for international medical insurance policies that offer adequate coverage in the US. I would like to share that CIGNA Expat offers highly satisfactory plans that can be tailored to the requirements of your university. Also the company has an exceptional customer service record. Hope this is helpful.

ppi claims

My advise for international students is that they should be covered with an International Insurance Coverage Program which the provider itself is of US or affiliated with a US based insurance.

how to pick a college major

Thank you for sharing these tips! I have so many friends planning to study in the US but they are having a hard time on how to pick a college major here.

private health insurance

Schools and Universities must start introducing student healthcare plans for foreign students. That will be a very pleasant matter.

health insurance plans

I agree that health care in the United States is expensive that is why it is important for the students to have a health insurance plan. Accidents and sudden ailments can happen anytime, having a Health insurance plan will protect the well-being of the students.

Chase Howard

I think it's extremely important that any prospective students studying internationally get some international travel medical insurance just in case anything would ever happen to them. I had a friend who did this when he studied abroad in London, and he was medically covered for anything that would happen to him, something that he definitely looks back on and glad he got it.


This is really great, unique and very informative post, I like it. thanks for sharing

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