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Get Your Cuddle On

Cuddle Class Image from Air New ZealandIf you happen to be flying from Los Angeles to Auckland and need to cuddle with your honey to get some sleep, you’re in luck! Air New Zealand is now offering you this opportunity on the airline's new Boeing 777-300ER jets in seating being called “Cuddle Class.” While it’s not exactly the giant, cozy bed you might be accustomed to at home, the airline seeks to help you get your winks by also providing you with a seat covering, fleece blanket and two full-size pillows to make Cuddle Class as comfortable as possible.

So how exactly does this work? Couples purchase their two seats plus the third seat next to them (usually around half of the price the seat would cost if you bought it solo). You and your favorite cuddler then lay sideways (yes, with your feet hanging into the aisle). Since the airline also had to make the aisle smaller to accommodate the three-seat layout, those middle-of-the-night bathroom trips might be even more challenging as you wade through the sea of feet blocking your path.

Although the systems of most travel agents haven’t been adjusted to handle booking seats in Cuddle Class, you will be able to book your flight directly through the airline.

Not planning on traveling to New Zealand anytime soon, but still looking to make your airline snooze time more comfortable? Here are a few tips:

  • If you’re willing and able to do your duties in an emergency, exit rows usually offer a little more leg room to stretch out and snooze. 

  • Find a travel kit to meet your sleeping needs. We found a great one that holds a blanket, eye mask and inflatable pillow inside a soft zipped case that becomes the pillowcase.

  • Some people find a “C” shaped travel pillow just what they need to support their necks while they slumber off.

  • Keep your shades on to help block out the light a little so your body doesn’t think it’s time to be awake. 

Let us know your favorite tips and tricks for catching a few Z’s when you’re in the air.


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Very useful travel tips that must be keep in mind always. Thanks a lot.

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