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Insuring Travel for Hurricane Sandy

In our last blog, we talked about what to do about your travel as the landfall of Hurricane Sandy was imminent. And as you can see, the storm was not something to take lightly. Our thoughts go out to all of those who are affected by this storm in some way: millions are without power, and damages will be valued in the tens of millions when everything is assessed. In this post, we talk about what may (or may not) be covered as a result of a hurricane in your travel insurance policy. Read more →

The smartphone is your lifeline to travel assistance should something happen during your adventures: be it a trip cancellation, interruption, or even a missed connection. And as you well know, it can do more than dial numbers and sit on hold all day. Your smartphone can also give you valuable access to flight information, ground transportation, and even reservations (should you need them). Check out our favorite travel applications on the blog! Read more →

Terminal Bliss: The three best airports to have a travel delay

For the frequent traveller who feels at home surrounded by thousands of their closest friends, there's nothing worse than being stuck in a lame airport terminal when you don't have to be. Especially when you're stuck under a travel delay. Though if you're stuck behind a trip delay or cancellation, these three airports aren't the worst place to be. Read more →

A Field Guide to Trip Interruption (or: Planes, Stays, and Automobiles)

Blogger Joe Cortez worked through a trip interruption consisting of two days, five flights, one hotel night, and about 600 miles. It was an excellent exercise on how to manage a trip delay - and a reminder of luck isn't the most secure way to plan a trip. Read more about his adventure - and how he worked through it - on the Travel Insure blog. Read more →