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Traveling Off the Holiday Blues

Cyber Monday 2012 - The Travel Edition

CA84RSSBIt's time once again for that great American tradition that everyone coming back to work so highly anticipates - Cyber Monday. We've worked so hard preparing Thanksgiving dinner, spent half of our paycheck on Black Friday, spent the other half on Small Business Saturday, and spent Sunday at home rooting for our favorite football teams (because we had no money left to go out with). Now, we reward ourselves with a little more deal hunting as we keep one eye on the clock this Monday. And we're expected to highly reward ourselves for a holiday well done - as sales today are expected to reach $1.5 billion across the board.  

For my boss who is no doubt reading this: I'm not shopping today...I'm doing research. Yeah. Research.

Lucky for me, one of my favorite bloggers, Johnny Jet, made my research a whole lot easier by compiling a huge list at his blog. We retweeted the list earlier this morning - if you missed it, click here to see his list of Cyber Monday travel sales. From the list, there's a whole lot to see, and some great deals for your travel needs this winter and into the new year. So which ones do I like the best? Here are my Cyber Monday must-haves (if I were shopping on Cyber Monday...which I'm not doing until 5:01 PM):

Most importantly, don't forget to pick up travel insurance to accompany your adventures. So what are you planning to buy this Cyber Monday? Let me know in the comments below! Whatever I decide to purchase (after working hours, of course), I'll be sure to review in a later blog!

(Ed. Note: No incentive was given to mention any product or service in this blog. Travel Insurance Services and its affiliated companies do not endorse nor guarantee any product or service mentioned in this or any blog. However, we sure would love to hear about your experiences with them!)


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