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This last week has been a very long week for not only travelers, but everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy in the northeast. At USI Affinity, we've all come together to help each other out in the aftermath of the superstorm. For those who want to help, there are plenty of ways to assist - and gain miles and points for it. The Wandering Aramean has a good list of where to donate and qualify for points on his blog. 

With flights from the northeast literally grounded for the better part of two days straight as a result of the perfect storm, I'm sure there were a lot of you who were incredibly thrilled to get to where you were supposed to be going after the trip delay. Not to mention the pilots and crews who have also been affected by this. I remember my last trip delay, and the resulting unpleasant 36 travel hours. While my experience pales in comparison to what hurricane-trapped travelers are experiencing, I can certinaly empathise for them. 

When getting on planes after that major trip delay, I know the last thing that you want to do is sit through the obligatory safety messaging that you've felt like you've heard a million times over. Its not fun - but the law mandates it. And, of course, it always seems like you go through it just to taxi for a half hour, and then maybe you can take off. Its not fun - but the law mandates it. 

So why not try to have a little fun with it, so that you'll want to pay attention? I'm not alone in that thinking. That spirit is definitely displayed around the world, taking some very regional forms. Because we could use some entertainment this week, here's some of the more entertaining flight messaging that I've found when putting your tray tables up and locking your seat in the upright position:

1: Air New Zealand: An Unexpected Briefing

If you watch nothing else I've put on this this. My friend described this video on Facebook with just three words: "So. Much. WIN!" I described it on Milepoint with four words: "Greatest. Safety Video. EVER!" Now I want Gandalf the Gray to be my pilot!

2: El-Al Safety Briefing

Because who doesn't want a magic airline fairy helping you to stow your luggage underneath your seat, or help you inflate your life vest? (My favorite part is the very lost looking sheep at the 1:50 mark). 

3: Delta Airlines Safety Video

The next time I fly with Delta Airlines, I'm TOTALLY playing Jenga with my aisle neighbors. Or even my cyborg (and that's okay).

So after all of the trip cancellations, trip delays, and everything that we have dealt with this last week as a result of the storm...I hope that this was able to bring at least some humor to your day. How do you find humor when you travel? Let me know your ways to escape the escape in the comments below!


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