An Homage to Travel
Know Your Rights Under a Trip Delay

Who says you can't go home for the holidays?

Mission San Luis Obispo - a reminder of home holiday travel.
Photo by: Ed Bierman/Flickr

The title says it all - this year, I won't be heading to my home of California for the holidays. It's a rather common occurance, I'm embarrased to admit. And after everything that we've seen this year, I'm very regretful that I won't get to spend this quality time with my family. I suppose that's part of the agreement that I made to live this life that I wanted: can't stay for long; just turn around, and I'm gone again.

Not that I hold any regrets. I've gotten to see a lot more of the United States this year than I ever anticipated. Nor does this damper my spirit to hold to my New Years Travel Resolutions (which I'll share next week). But I do wish I could spend more time taking pictures with my mom. Or sitting beside the barbecue telling stories with my dad. Or discovering new dungeons on Skyrim with my brother. Though my cousin and I are close to finishing our multiplayer of Portal 2...

This post is not directly about travel. There are no miles or points to be had for this one. Not even a story on how I kept sane in the midst of a trip delay. But it is about how I keep in touch with those who are close to me while I'm on the road. Because no matter where you go, you'll always have an anchor holding you home - be it Austin, Boston, or Bulgaria.

I'll not be home for the holidays this year. But regardless of the fact that I'm 2,000 miles and one left turn away, I plan on bridging the gap using technology to see those who I care about the most this season. Using the three W's:

  1. Webcams and Wirless
    No, I won't be home to see my family this year. But I will be "seeing" them when we use Skype and Facetime to connect with each other. Thanks to the blistering-fast internet that I have at home, and all of my various connecting apparatuses, I'll be able to wish Grandma a Merry Christmas face-to-face, and even open a couple of gifts on the webcam. I'll be able to show dad the Tri-Tip I plan on grilling for dinner. And everyone will get to watch the cat play fetch with his favorite toy. Its not the same as being there with them, but it's as close as I can get.
  2. Well wishes to everyone
    I've always argued that the written word is much more real than anything scribed in an e-mail or text message. So for those who I can't see as regualrly - like my friends in Richmond, Chicago, Hollywood, and everywhere in between, holiday cards are getting sent out with my well wishes for everyone. And the occasional gift - because what are the holidays without a little festivity?
  3. Warm outlooks for 2013
    So I can't be everywhere with everyone. But at least I can start the planning for an awesome year of travel ahead. Already this year I've got a travel plan of star touring in Temecula, racing in Rockingham, wine tours in Niagara and Napa, and a bunch of side trips inbetween. And in the time off I have coming up in the next couple of weeks, I plan on sitting down and making it all come together. If nothing else, I can start dreaming. That's part of the holiday magic, right?

Keeping in touch while you're on the road can be difficult. But every once in a while, technology can bridge that gap and keep you focused, regardless of where you wander. How do you keep in touch with your loved ones on the road? I'd like to hear your tips on keeping in touch!

And no matter what you celebrate or how you do so...have a fun, joyous, and safe holiday season.


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