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A Trip of a Lifetime: Preventing Baggage Loss at the Factory

This is an original Rimowa case built in the 1940's - while showing it's age, the structure and functionality of this case remain the same.Day one of Star MegaDO could not have come soon enough. The anticipation of nearly half of a year came to quite a start on Wednesday. The morning turned into an impromptu meet-and-greet in the lobby, as we waited for our (fashionably late) buses. It was incredible to talk about favorite places and destinations with other well-seasoned travelers of the world! In just the hour we waited for the buses, I was entertained with stories of broken lights in first class coming home from Australia, to the splendor of Southeast Asia during the rainy season. I’ve added at least a dozen new destinations to my list!

But the big excitement of the day came in our exclusive tour of the Rimowa North America factory. Known for producing high-end luggage from Germany, Rimowa has also opened a facility outside of Toronto, in order to better serve the North American marketplace. Not only do they make luggage there, but warranty and service repairs also go through this facility as well!

While we couldn’t get pictures inside the facility, we learned a lot about how new luggage is made, and how baggage loss and baggage destruction is being dealt with before a suitcase sees a tarmac – back at the factory.

Better Materials, Better Durability, Less Baggage Loss
As a general trend in the luggage industry, better materials are being put into place in manufacturing to give a suitcase a longer life. Your grandparents’ luggage may have been made with small wheels and hard plastics – which would need to be replaced in a matter of years. Now, suitcases are being made with bigger wheels (think office chair wheel size), and much stronger exteriors: such as polycarbonate, aluminum, and ballistic nylon. This gives the suitcase a much longer life – especially when they’re beaten and battered on the line at an airport.

Better Technology, Less Baggage Delay
It’s not just the materials that are changing. Multiple bag manufacturers are finding new ways to use technology to keep bags with their owners. One manufacturer has begun barcoding their bags for tracking, in the event they get lost from their owners – one call, and the manufacturer can help the owner find the bag wherever it may be. And Rimowa, in collaboration with Airbus and Germany’s T-Systems, is experimenting with “smart bag” technology – a bag that’s equipped with a computer that allows the bag to check itself in, be tracked with a smartphone app, and even give a delivery address in the event that it gets lost along the way. These technologies are keeping baggage delay and baggage loss at a minimum – and helping owners keep moving from point A to point B.

Even with these technologies, baggage delay and baggage loss happens to even the best travelers. But these new methods of making bags with better technology and more durable goods are a strong first step in stopping the problem before it has an opportunity to become a problem. And if baggage delay or baggage losses are still a major concern, the Travel Insure Select plan offers a baggage delay or loss benefit. Just in case you’re traveling with something you can’t afford to lose.

Are you excited about the new technologies that are changing the way we travel? What do you look for when it comes to getting new luggage? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 

(Ed. Note: No compensation nor incentive was given to mention any product or service in this blog. Travel Insurance Services and its affiliated companies do not endorse nor guarantee any product or service mentioned in this or any blog. However, we sure would love to hear about your experiences with them!)


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