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Remembering 2013: The Year of Trip Delay

A Look Back at the World of Travel in 2013

For what its worth, I genuinely appreciate you taking the time to not only read this blog, but also reading this ALT text! I hope you enjoyed this look back at my big stories of 2013. And hopefully, you'll come back for more misadventures in 2014! Ack!2013 was a rather incredible year in the world of travel, wasn’t it? During this year we saw some of the best – and worst – that comes with taking the roads, the skies, and the seas. We’ve seen companies come together, passengers divide on how to get to their destination, and storms that have twisted and snarled traffic across the United States. Personally speaking, my 2013 has been a rather successful campaign in retrospect: nearly 28,000 miles traveled in the air, with 46 total flights – which turns into the equivalent of three days in the air.

In looking back at the year, there were a lot of stories that really stuck out to me for many different reasons. Here are the stories that topped my list of big events in 2013:

In 2014, may our travels be safe, healthy, and may we all get to see much more of the world than we have before. What were your biggest travel stories of 2013? What would you include on this list? Let me know in the comments below!


Paul Rainer

It has been in interesting year for travel. I can only hope this year gets better, but I believe it is only going to get more costly. With government intrusions through legislation on all business, including travel business, cost will continue to go up.

Whether through tickets costs, or the small fees that we are drowning in, booking fees, printing boarding pass fees, baggage fees, a fee to pick your seat, any too many more to put in this post.

I love to travel, but if the economy doesn't turn around, and the current government doesn't get it's act together, which unfortunately I don't have high hopes for, we who love to travel and are in the business, could be seeing things get worse.

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