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The Difference between Trip Cancellation and Cancel for Any Reason

Shutterstock_199552949_hand-w-travel-brochureOverlooking the unexpected events that occur in today’s travel world happens. Even the most carefully planned and well thought out trips can’t always avoid the surprises that life throws our way. We often don’t worry about serious emergencies, natural disasters, bankruptcy on a reputable cruise line, or loosing a job. Unfortunately, these events can and do happen and if your unprotected, your hard earned investment will suffer.

A common question that is asked when determining what type of travel insurance to purchase is, “What is the difference between trip cancellation and cancel for any reason?” We realize when selecting a travel insurance plan to cover your investment, these may seem similar or confusing. We will start with trip cancellation and the common reasons that reflect this coverage to be selected.


 Trip cancellation:

will reimburse, up to the plan maximum, the amount of forfeited, non-refundable, and unused payments or deposits that you paid for the covered trip if cancellation occurs before your scheduled departure date because of unforeseen circumstances. Examples of unforeseen circumstances are illness, injury, death, weather, and work related reasons such as layoff or termination. A Select plan will also reimburse additional costs incurred if the travel supplier cancels your trip and you elect to replace that travel supplier with a different travel supplier.

 Cancel for any reason coverage:

An option that can be added to your selected travel insurance plan. There are many common “what if’s” that may cause you to cancel your trip for a reason not covered under the plan. You can add this as part of your plan if you purchase coverage early and are concerned about cancelling your trip because you simply change your mind, encounter a work obligation, a change in weather occurs, your pet get’s sick, your visa is denied, or other life happenings that would fall into the “what if” category.

Travel Insurance Services is happy to assist you in:

1)Answering any questions that you may have.
2)Helping you identify coverage that will fit your needs.
3)Discussing optional benefits that will provide you with the most comprehenisve plans on the market.

Remember, whether it’s a trip of a lifetime, a yearly get-away, a special celebration, or a spur of the moment trip abroad, don’t put your trip at risk!


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