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Top Travel Gadgets For 2015


Every year we witness cutting edge technology and a wave of new gadgets, but which ones are essential to travelers? From the mother of all suitcases to a device that can jumpstart your car, mobile devices, and easily fit in your backpack or purse, here are our top five gadgets for 2015 travelers.

1) The Smartphone Selfie Stick

By the end of 2012, Time magazine considered “selfie” one of the top 10 buzzwords of theyear. Quickly sweeping the world, “selfie” has become common enough to be monitored for inclusion in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. This opened up the doors for tech companies worldwide to create products such as The Smartphone Selfie Stick. This telescoping pole works with cell phones and cameras allowing you to capture photos of everyone in the selfie including scenic background images that otherwise may be harder to fit in a manual selfie shot.

2) Prynt

Remember when Polaroid cameras let you print photos immediately? A France-based company, Prynt is helping bring back those memories by developing a smartphone case that can instantly print your snaps. With smartphones continuing to advance their technology in HD lenses, it’s becoming increasingly popular to keep the bulky, digital cameras at home and rely on smartphones to capture your memories instead. Designed to support 30 sheets of paper and printing in less than 30 seconds, Prynt offers a new, revolutionary way to print your vacation or day-to-day photos quickly and most importantly, in a high quality fashion.

3) GoPro

Although GoPro isn’t new this year, its popularity has greatly increased and has become America’s fastest-growing camera company. Highly differentiated from what a smartphone can do, GoPro is making sharing life easier than ever. GoPro has changed the way travelers document their adventures and the company’s informative blogs now provide helpful GoPro travel tips to capture better photos and footage.

4) Cobra JumPack

Venturing on a road trip? The Cobra JumPack is the easy to fit in your palm, handy gadget booster that will rescue you when your car, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicle’s battery is dead. This tiny gadget will also charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, or other mobile device rapidly. The Cobra JumPack will charge devices multiple times in one charge making it perfect for emergencies like a power outage, traveling, or anytime your slowly wasting cell phone battery decides to give out on you. The Cobra JumPack includes jumper cables and two different re-charging methods, a wall charger for home and a 12V car charger. For $129.95 you can protect your travels and have portable power on the go.

5) Trunkster

What does the luggage of the future look like? Meet Trunkster, the world’s most revolutionary luggage which features zipperless entry for fast access, includes a removable battery with USB port, and has a built-in scale and GPS. With a fancy sliding door, high-tech travelers who are desperate to ditch the traditional zipper suitcases will be in luck. Beyond the sliding door, Trunkster comes with a built-in digital scale to help you avoid overweight luggage fees. The built-in battery allows you to charge your phone and mobile devices right from your luggage. For an additional $40 fee you can activate the bag’s GPS service and never worry about finding lost luggage again. For the frequent traveler who prefers fast and easy access to their belongings, and true convenience of powering up smartphones before a long flight, Trunkster is for you.




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