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Where will you be headed for summer vacation? Maybe your summer will be spent actually moving to another city entirely. Whether you’re planning a trip or getting ready to move to a new home, consider a city that’s pedestrian friendly rather than a commuter’s paradise.

While commuting everywhere is certainly easier and more convenient, it’s not always the best choice if you want to live a vigorous lifestyle.

According to America Walks, the top walkable cities in America are among the most sustainable and prosperous places to live and visit. The residents who live in these cities are also among the healthiest and happiest in the country!

We gave these five cities an A+ for being the most walkable cities in the U.S. Did your home city or vacation spot make the cut?

• New York

Surprise, surprise, New York is our #1 most walkable city. PlaNYC, a sustainability initiative put into place by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is certainly paying off. Iconic Times Square has become pedestrian central and off-limits to cars. With bike lanes popping up all over the city, neighborhoods like Little Italy, SoHo, and the Flatiron District prime real estate for residents and visitors alike.

• Boston

Aside from this past year’s nasty winter, Boston is home to miles of walking and bike paths for people to travel on and exercise. With convenient commuter rail, bus, subway, and ferry transportation, this city has one of the highest numbers of residents who walk to work or commute without a car. Bostonites or visitors can catch a Red Sox game at Fenway Park or visit Boston Common, the oldest public park in the country. This walking city is truly a pedestrians dream.

• San Francisco

A city that offers the whole package! From culture, art, entertainment, the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course a fantastic food scene, San Francisco is an easy place to live and have a walkable lifestyle as a resident or visitor. With the breath-taking views Nob Hill and Pacific Heights have to offer, these hill-top neighborhoods attract San Francisco walkers looking to do some site-seeing. According to the SFMTA, only 1 percent of San Francisco residents are car dependent, so if you love to walk, this is the city for you!

• Miami

Attention sun-lovers and bikers: If you enjoy an active lifestyle (and doing so with a tan), Miami is the place for you. Every month the mayor closes major roads making them off limits to cars and giving free reign to the city’s walkers and bikers. Aside from vibrant nightlife, luxury hotels, and gorgeous South Beach, walkers can experience a Miami Heat basketball game, dive into the cultural scene in Little Havana, or chill at Flamingo Park. Could you ask for much more in Miami?

• Philadelphia

Not only is Philadelphia known for the best cheesesteaks, but this city is also known for its vibrant rich history, large businesses, art, education, and more. Residents or tourists can spend the day strolling through Fairmont Park, visiting The Liberty Bell, or exploring Philadelphia Museum of Art or Independence Hall. If you want a quick getaway, the Acela Express trains provide easy access between Boston, New York, and Washington, DC. If you love walking and being well-traveled, Philly is the place for you.

With proximity to shops, schools, jobs, and outdoor entertainment, these most walkable cities create safe and attractive environments for both residents and visitors.

If you’re ready get down to business and find the perfect city to visit or live, Walk Score can help you research different cities and find local restaurants, schools, entertainment, apartments or homes for sale, and more.

Walking is a way of life. Even if city-life isn’t your cup of tea to live, take a trip and explore the walkable cities of America!


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