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Unique Family Summer Activities

3 Unique Ideas for Summer Family Adventure

Must-Do Ideas for Guaranteed, Different Family Fun

Memorial Day has come and gone and that anticipated time of year has finally arrived-summer! Kids are out of school and parents have family vacations on the forefront of their minds. Where to go? What to do? How much will it cost? Will everyone have fun? These are the common questions that tend to arise for many families considering traveling this summer. Many families venture to the typical summer hot-spots, with the beach and amusement parks at the top of the list. What if this summer though, you skip the beach and long amusement park lines all together?

Here are 3 unique, different, family adventures that are sure to be remembered.

1) Glamping

Getting back to nature with your family doesn’t have to mean a bad night’s rest on an uncomfortable floor of a tent or using the dreaded outhouse--not since the rise of glamping at least. Now you can sleep in an actual bed, with high thread count sheets and still be close to the stars and hear the cicadas as you drift off. While kids might be happy pitching a tent and spending nights in a thinly, comfortable sleeping bag…let’s bring in glamping to keep both adults and kids happy! A few of the top family-friendly glamping experiences include:

The Resort at Paws Up, in Greenough, Montana
Under Canvas, just minutes from Yellowstone National Park
And Rock Ranch in Georgia

At Paws Up, your kids can venture like Lewis and Clark while the adults will appreciate having their own camp butler and chef. Under Canvas provides a truly safari-like experience. Your family can spend the day exploring one of the most well-known national parks and get up close and personal to Buffalo, Bald Eagles, Bears, and Moose, all while being professionally guided by park rangers. Rock Ranch in Georgia provides a unique experience for kids by bringing history lessons from school to history lessons in life by camping in pioneer-styled wagons. For some extra fun, you can hire a storyteller to join in.

2) Family Camp-Old School Style

We’ve all seen movies that portray the hilarious downside of family vacations, specifically family camping vacations. Like Dirty Dancing, when Baby and her family all went to an early ‘60s-era summer camp. Nightmare, right? Today’s family camps aren’t what you think, they are more!

Here are 3 that will surely have your family begging to visit:

Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin
Blackberry Farm, foothills of Smoky Mountains
Sunriver Resort in Bend, Oregon

Camp Wandawega offers a vintage family summer camp feel. From rope swings that arch over a lake, to old-school Schwinn bicycles for exploring tranquil wooded lanes, rowboats, private docks for morning swims, open air accommodations, tree houses, and log cabins, Camp Wandawega offers a truly unique experience that takes you back a few era’s. Guests have access to canoeing, boating, fishing, hiking, biking, horse shoes, tennis, shuffleboard, archery, campfires and s’mores, outdoor grills and smokers, and so much more. This old-school camp is a must see!

Blackberry Farm is a perfect retreat for guests wanting to experience one of America’s most celebrated intimate luxury hotels, and for anyone looking to escape modern-day frenzy and slip into a 9,200 acre estate deep within the Great Smoky Mountains. From guided horse rides to kayaking in Panther Creek, rock climbing, to learning about life on a farm and mountain environment, there is an activity for everyone in the family. Award-winning cuisine and wine tastings finish off our list of reasons of why your family should head to Blackberry Farm.

Sunriver Resort is home to golfing and fishing in the summer, skiing and dogsledding in the winter, whitewater rafting, a paintball course, mountain bike tours, a newly renovated pool with restaurant, bar, hot tub, waterslide, and a kid’s only discovery area, need we say more? To say the least, Sunriver Resort in Bend, Oregon has it all. With 3,300 acres that wind along the eastern side of the Deschutes River, the area of Sunriver Resort was once home to the site of Camp Abbot, a World War II training facility. Rich in history, this resort offers a true family adventure different from any other.

3) Staycation

Looking for adventure but on a budget? No problem! A traditional vacation is not always in the cards and can quickly travel costs can quickly add up. That doesn’t mean you still can’t have a great time though. This year, why not plan a vacation in your own backyard? A true staycation is more than just a week at home. It’s an intentional time of fun and relaxation for your whole family. It may sound like it takes a little effort, and it does, but a staycation can ultimately be just as satisfying as going somewhere far away.

The key to a successful staycation is:

• Set Ground Rules
• Get creative
• Plan for Fun
• Relax and Enjoy

The point of a staycation is to make it feel as much like a real family getaway as possible, without leaving the comfort of your own home. To make sure everyone in the family is on the same page, start with some ground rules that everyone can agree on. Start with deciding when the staycation starts and ends, and then set a few guidelines for what your family may and may not do during this time.

Examples could include:

1) No smart phone
2) No working from home
3) No cleaning
4) No cooking
5) No television

It’s important to plan for fun and to set a realistic, reasonable budget for your week of fun at home. Set some money aside for activities, eating out, and if your kids are old enough to have an opinion, hold a family meeting to discuss your ideas. If you have more than one child, you can even let each child pick an activity for the day such as a zoo day or bowling day. Chances are there are plenty of fun things to do in your hometown that you either never have time for, or don’t even think about because they are so close to home.

Here are some creative ideas to help get you started on staycation ideas!

• Visit a nearby metro park
• Visit a nearby children’s museum
• Visit the zoo or aquarium
• Go Bowling
• Host a family board game tournament
• Major or minor league sporting event
• Spend the day at a local pool or waterpark

Be different and step outside your typical vacation box. Your family is sure to have a summer to remember with these 3 unique, must-do ideas for family getaways!


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