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Is It Safe To Travel To Greece?


Greece has always been a tourist hot-spot, and with political turmoil in Athens and its economic reputation taking a hit, Greece still remains a premier-league travel destination. Rich in history, fabulous beaches, nightlife, amazing coastline views, and the REAL gyro –we can see why Greece remains a sought after country to visit.

Many people are wondering if visiting Greece right now is a good idea now that Greece has voted “no” again to European Union austerity measures. Tourists are conflicted as to whether it’s safe to travel to a country in the middle of a financial crisis, and understandably so.

The truth is, Greece is still a safe country to travel to.

Tourists are not targets of violence because of their nationality or status as visitors, and the Greek tourist destinations always feel safe. Protests and demonstrations are usually localized in the center of Athens, around the Syntagma square. Needless to say, if there are no demonstrations, Syntagma square is a safe place to be.

The financial crisis may be making life difficult for most Greeks but if you’re a budget traveler, traveling to Greece right now is just for you. Hotel prices are down and roads outside of Athens are extremely light given the high gas prices. All the things you’re looking for when planning a trip to Greece like the mouthwatering food, deep-blue water, ancient history, and striking scenery are all there…at a cheaper price.

The most relevant piece of information that travelers need to be alerted of if traveling to Greece right now is to avoid all political conversations with locals. No matter how strongly you feel about your political ideas, or how close you think your politics are to that of the locals, it would be best to gracefully exit any such conversations from the start. Instead, turn the conversation to the history of the Greek people and you’ll enjoy instant popularity.

Although political protests are a common occurrence in Greece, Europeans are quick to hit the streets when they want to raise their collective voice. When violence has broken out, it's been between police and protesters, not bystanders...and certainly not tourists out for a stroll. Protest rallies are generally scheduled in advance. Your hotelier can tell you if anything’s likely to be happening during your visit so it’s easy to steer clear of any unrest.

Greece has, it seems, more than its share of troubles right now. Still, the Greek culture is optimistic by nature. Most believe that they'll get through these tough economic times. Regardless of the economy, the olives remain just as tasty, the water just as blue, and the sun – like the Greek people – just as warm.



I would think its safe to travel to Greece. We have a Right to Travel just about anywhere unless there is a corrupt corporation pretending to be a government that does not allow it.

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