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The 4 Trips You Must Take in Your 20’s


Millennial travel
Twenties is the age of learning, discovering new things, self-exploration and deciding what you want to do with your life. It is during this time that you learn how to live life. You’re young enough to want to go and explore the unseen wonders of the world; you’re old enough to use your own money; you’re (relatively) free; you’re not tied down. You won’t get to relive this decade again. 

So- where are the absolute best places to visit during this decade of your life? Let’s start with the most obvious…

The Eurotrip

One of the best trips to take in your 20s now and forever will be, “the Eurotrip.” An idea once made famous

by the 2004 American-European teen comedy adventure film written by Alec Berg. Back-packing in Europe is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying experiences. You visit some of the quaintest places on Earth, meet different people, share your stories and make good friends. Europe also has one of the most fashionable nightlife scenes and the culinary lifestyle is to die for.

We don’t suggest being on a diet during a Eurotrip. Otherwise, pastries, waffles, macarons, tarts, croissant, Belgian chocolates, wine, and cheese are all out. You might think you can get these types of food back in the states, but it truly isn’t the same! The Eurotrip is also one of the best places for self-discovery and responsibility. You learn to take care of yourself and appreciate the smaller things like a clean, comfy bed or a well-cooked meal. You also learn to prioritize and become a bargain-hunter; one of the most essential life hacks you can ever learn.

Road Trippin' in the USA

If you’re looking for an authentic cross-country adventure, why not road trip through good ole ‘Merica?’ Even if you’ve lived in America your whole life, there’s a good chance you’ve only seen a small part of your country. When people travel domestic, they typically skip the off-the-beaten-path destinations and head straight for metropolitan cities.

By going on a road trip, you’re giving yourself an opportunity to see all of your home—the beautiful, the surreal, and the “wow, I can’t believe this place actually exists!” Go to Mississippi for some barbecue, chill at the beach in Florida, and go figure out what’s up with North Dakota. The USA is such a diverse place that allows you to experience all of what America has to offer (and often makes you appreciate your hometown that much more). So, grab some friends, load a vehicle, and get ready for an eye-opening adventure as you see ‘the other’ side(s) of the States you’ve only read or heard about.

South America Adventure

South America has long captivated travelers with its plethora of natural and cultural wonders and it’s easy to see why. From beaches and rainforests, to snow-covered mountains, this continent is massive and perfect for the 20 something globetrotters to explore while they are young and not tied down to a career, family, etc. One of the classic South American journeys is exploring around the Andes and visiting Peru where you can find archaeological treasures like nearby Machu Picchu.

Brazil is also a hotspot for this age to explore. With a great music scene, salsa-filled nightclubs, charming cafes, alluring beaches and one of a kind festivals, Brazil offers endless activities. A few hours away, you can also explore a remote coastline, rainforest-covered islands (like Ilha Grande) and colonial towns that are sure to leave you with memories. Other top destinations include Colombia (it’s safe that it’s been in decades,) Argentina, and Chile.

The Land Down Under

In Australia, you can truly do it all. Sip on cocktails in funky bars, explore the outback on horseback or by four-wheel drive, all in the same day! Australia is one of the most remote countries in the world and, ironically, one of the most popular places to visit, especially among backpackers and young travelers. The flight may be long, but what the land down under has to offer is 100% worth the travel. Just to name a few of Australia’s most popular: The Great Barrier Reef, Sydney, Uluru, Perth, wine, lush jungles, surfing, and Karijini National Park make up some of the top places to see and do while visiting this country.

Australia has such fascinating native creatures such as kangaroos, koalas and wombats. In your own country you would be amazed and shocked to see a kangaroo ‘bouncing’ down the road, but in certain areas of Australia this is seen as completely normal, something that no one would bat an eyelid at!

Another reason why going to Australia in your 20’s is the best is- it is a known fact that the night-life of Australia is outstanding, with parties and barbecues on the beach; it will be a trip you will never forget. Going during the festival period is also a great reason to visit; you will be able to live the Aussie experience with its promised weather, great food and fantastic music.

There are many countries that you can visit while you’re in your 20’s but why should you really travel while you’re young?

1) Traveling changes the way you relate to the world
2) Traveling changes the way you relate to others
3) Traveling empowers you to take on new challenges
4) Traveling pushes you educational horizons
5) We are never guaranteed old age, so enjoy life’s experiences now

Bon Voyage!



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