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A Guide to Groupon Getaways: The Hub of Budget Traveling

By Chaitanya Bala

RarWe all want an amazing vacation, but who’s got the money to dish out on exquisite vacations regularly? Well, that just might not have to be a problem anymore. In case you’ve never heard of Groupon, it’s pretty much the heart of discounted products and services, whether you’re seeking a nice foot massage, or a juicy Philly steak sandwich that’s 50% off. But guess what – it’s also an amazing place to gain access to amazing deals on exotic travel destinations, cruises, and hotels! But before you start bargaining away, you should probably have an idea of how to navigate around the site and what all the different tabs offer you. First things first. As soon as you get to the main Groupon page, make sure to click on Getaways, the fourth menu item on the top. Once you get here, you’ll be able to find all the deals you want based on the regions you’d like to visit, particular interests, and the top rated destinations from other users. Let’s delve into these subcategories a little further!


Travel by Destination:

As this tab suggests, this section includes all the great vacation packages you can get based on the part of the world you want to visit. This includes different regions within the United States and Canada, various countries in Latin America, and other parts of the world. At the top of each of these pages, you can check out some of the hottest deals under “Best of Groupon.” These deals go quick, so be sure to check daily for new ones!


Travel by Interest:

This section is quite unique. In this part of the getaway tab, you can decide your vacation based on what you like to do. So whether you’re an adventurous backpacker or a fan of the beach, there’s discounted trips for everyone! Here are a few of the different types of trips Groupon has broken down for you based on interest:


In this section of the Groupon travel deals, you can check out all types of beach trips around the entire world - whether it’s right down in Florida or all the way in the Caribbean. What’s really cool is Groupon even has different beach trips based on who you’re traveling with. So, if you’re going with your family, they have “kid-friendly” resorts. And if you’re off on a honeymoon with your love, they’ve got “intimate” resorts as well. *wink wink*

Winter Activities:

If you’re all about the skiing, ice skating, and building snowmen, Groupon has an entire section just for winter getaways where you can relish in the winter season, rather than escape to the warm beaches. Many of these deals are at well-renowned ski resorts in Colorado, or scenic coastal hotels by Lake Tahoe. So enjoy the snow and beautiful winters at these destinations!

Casino Hotels:

Some of us are all about playing all the slot machines in the world and just gambling the night away in exquisite casinos. And guess what – Groupon has deals for you, too! In this section of the Groupon travel deals, you can find discounted trips to different casinos all across the world. So get your loose cash and competition ready for the slot machines, everyone!

Outdoor & Adventure:

If you’re into backpacking or hiking, this is the category for you. This section gives you vacation deals where you can enjoy nature at its finest. Most of the deals would allow you to check out beautiful, scenic locations, such as Niagara Falls or the mountain ranges in New Mexico. It’s not exactly a place for you to find great deals on commercial entertainment, but if you’re infatuated by the beauty of nature, like to be active, and love taking great pictures, definitely check this section out.


Top Destinations:

Finally, this is where you can find the most popular vacations Groupon users are taking right now. At the moment, it looks like the top three most popular destinations are Cancún, Chicago, and Las Vegas. So look around here if you need a reputable vacation but you don’t know where you want to go – these destinations will never fail you. So there you have it – the guide to traveling using Groupon! Although this is not an exhaustive list of all the amazing deals and vacation ideas Groupon offers, we hope we’ve given you a good starting point! Book a great vacation at a reasonable price using Groupon, and make sure to always get insured before traveling to any of these places!


hajj from usa

Good post! Thanks for sharing. Really very useful and informative post.

Abdul Majeed

Traveling in different places, such as Famous places, where every individual (Muslim) love to visit in Makkah.

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