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12 Travel Lessons we Can Learn from National Lampoon’s Vacation Movies

By Chaitanya Bala 

Summer is right around the corner, which means exciting vacations and road trips with friends and family. As fun as summer vacation is, there are always things that can go wrong. 

And no one does vacation mishaps better than Clark from National Lampoon’s Vacation Movies.

We’ve all seen National Lampoon’s collection of vacation movies, and if you haven’t, get some background on them hereStories are pretty simple: A man named Clark wants to have a great time and take his family on various vacations. But somehow, he always manages to mess everything up and the vacations go haywire.  

Ohhh, Clark…. 







But we’ve learned from Clark’s mistakes. And here are 12 travel lessons we can learn from National Lampoon’s vacation movies.


1.) Don’t drive from Chicago to L.A.

EdnapushSeriously, don’t. Everyone’s going to be too cranky to have family fun.


2.) Be careful while driving around in rundown areas. 

HPwx5G1---ImgurAnd make sure to check and see if your hubcaps are still on.  


3.) Don’t argue with your spouse while driving out in the desert.

CarcrashYou just might crash and get stranded.


4.) Bring lots of cash whenever you travel.

CashcheckDon’t be like Clark and steal money at the hotel because you can’t cash your check.


5.) Make sure to check whether your destination is actually open the day you plan to visit.

MooseYou wouldn’t want to end up there to find out it’s closed for 2 weeks.


6.) If you accidentally create a leak inside Hoover Dam, don’t run away from your group.  31hQb6O - ImgurAnd if you do end up running away, please don’t try to escape by climbing the scaffolding.


7.) If you go to Vegas, don’t get addicted to gambling. 

R7usqgW---Imgur-(1)And sure as heck don’t gamble away your family’s life savings.


8.) Check hotel reviews before you book rooms there. PTvHKek - ImgurDon’t end up staying at a dumpy hotel just because it’s cheap.


9.) If you’re not digging your French beret, don’t throw it off the Eiffel Tower.

MC02DoD---ImgurSomeone’s dog just might mistake it for a Frisbee and jump in after it.


10.) If you rent a car while on vacation, make sure to check the trunk.

JkIUzhO---ImgurYou sure don't want anyone being held captive in there.


11.) If you’re planning to go Christmas tree shopping out of the country, bring tools to cut it down.

NxvzqR2---ImgurDon’t spend hours trying to dig it  up because you weren’t prepared.


12.) Be open to new suggestions and brainstorm ideas before calling all the shots.

RaceDo your research and get insured so you can be prepared and have an awesome vacation!


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