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5 Unique Earth Day Events around the World

By Chaitanya Bala

Earth DayToday’s a great day to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and admire the nature around us that we take for granted. Why? Because today’s Earth Day, folks! If you’re not already focused on showing some love and care to the environment we live in, today’s a day you really should – not only because it’s a good cause and we really should be doing more to save the Earth, but also because Earth Day’s a great way to celebrate our planet. This is one of the few special days in which everyone around the world engages in celebration. There are no cultural or religious implications or barriers – just the act of bringing about awareness for the environment as a community. It’s always pretty typical that Earth Day is celebrated by engaging in some sort of community service or planting a tree native to the area. But here are some other unique ways around the world to celebrate Earth Day you may not have heard of before:


Sustainable Whanganui
Whanganui, New Zealand

Sustainable Whanganui
Whanganui, New Zealand This event takes place on April 22nd. As a full day event, the festival will feature a community lunch, where kai, (the Māori word for food) will be shared amongst everyone. There will also be a raffle, plant giveaways, and music! As part of a fun, eco-friendly activity, all attendees will get the chance to create their own morsbag, which is a bag that is made of environment-friendly materials rather than plastic, a major pollutant to marine ecosystems. Not only do you get to help protect our Earth, but hey, you get to learn how to sew a bag while you’re at it, as well!


Fishackathon Kisumu 2016
Kisumu, Kenya


The Fishackathon will take place April 22nd - April 24th. This event is unlike your typical holiday celebration. Rather than the locals celebrating here, this event is mainly designed for U.S. residing coders, technologists, and designers to voluntarily come together in different underdeveloped coastal sites around the world in order to work as a team and come up with solutions to fishery problems in their site. Each site will nominate one team as a winner, who will then be eligible to win grand prizes. This is a fun, competitive way to celebrate Earth Day!


Earth Festival Ireland
Slane, Ireland

Earth Fest IrelandEarth Festival Ireland is a weekend-long festival which will take place April 22nd - April 24th. Instead of participants engaging in community service, this festival is aimed at having fun. The day-time activities include healing music, talks on biodiversity/sustainability, as well as other kid-friendly arts and crafts activities. Nighttime activities are also available for those of drinking age. There will be live stage performances, and a poetry slam. Finally, to wind down, the attendees will have a bedtime sing along together at 2 am. Sounds like a really fun way to get people of all ages engaged!





108 Sun Salutations for the Planet
Tel Aviv, Israel

108 Sun Salutations for the Planet

This event is a series of interactive workshops focused on the Mind, Body & Earth connection. One of these workshops will focus on the relationship between Yoga and our planet. It will include an intro to the challenges Earth is going through, as well as how doing yoga can help us shut out distractions and just focus solely on our surroundings, and in turn, become better aware of our environment. Seems like an interesting event that combines physical activity, self-awareness, and Mother Earth!


Jungle Fest
Manado, Indonesia

Jungle Fest

Located in the tropical greenery of Indonesia, it’s no surprise this event is supposed to be full of fun and adventure. Taking place all day April 22nd, fun activities will include zip lining in the forests, campfire songs and food, a sky lantern release in the late evening, and finally, an acoustic concert to top it all off! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to have fun with your community all day?


Earth Day is a special day for all of us, where we become just a little more aware of our planet and try to do something to make it better. The bottom line is, whether you want to party it up, plant a tree, talk with your community, or do some volunteering on Earth Day, get out there and do something! This is our home. Let’s make it a better place for ourselves and loved ones!


joseph oroni

this must have been enjoyable ..we need education about culture ,human rights , environment etc

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