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The Last-Minute AirBnB Guide to: The Democratic & Republican Conventions

By Chaitanya Bala

Democrats vs. RepublicansIt’s coming up everyone! The big Democratic Convention and Republican Convention, respectively. For the past year or so, we’ve heard some pretty convincing speeches from plenty of worthy candidates in each party and seen a few rowdy rallies in support of the front running candidates. But hold your horses, everyone! Before we can get to the Presidential Election in November, we need to select someone from each party, first. And this is why the Democratic and Republican conventions are such a huge deal for citizens all over the country. Being that the conventions hold quite a bit of importance, hotels are going to be pretty expensive or unavailable altogether. In fact, as I’m googling hotels right now, I can’t find any rooms! If you’ve bought Democratic Convention 2016 tickets or Republican Convention 2016 tickets and you’re planning to get a hotel room close to the convention sites, uh, yeah – that’s not happening. So, let us guide you to Plan B: Last-minute AirBnB lodging options. Now, I will say one thing: AirBnB hosts are quite smart. They’ve hiked up the prices on a lot of their lodging locations to at least $1000 a night. While attending these conventions is an awesome opportunity, I’m certainly not going to recommend you spend that much (unless you have cash to burn!). After doing some research, this is what I’ve got for all you convention seekers out there.


For all the Democrats in the House

Democratic National Convention

When: July 25-28th, 2016
Host City: Philadelphia, PN
Location: Wells Fargo Center & Pennsylvania Convention Center
The Democratic Convention will take place during the last week of July in two different locations: The Wells Fargo Center, as well as the Pennsylvania Convention Center, which are a good 15 minutes away from each other.


Wells Fargo Center
(3601 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19148)

Here are a couple great options I recommend you check out (and as quickly as you can because there are only 15 homes left for these dates)!


The Recommendations:

Name:Cozy Home in South Philly
Rate: $45/Night
Accommodates: 2 People
How much space? You get a private room.
Star Rating: 4.5
Distance to Wells Fargo Center: About 1.5 Miles.

Cozy Home in South PhillyThis option is a steal. You’re getting an entire private room to yourself for a very decent price of $45/night during a rather high-demand time. The house and its owners have received great reviews, and the house is about a 6 minute drive from Wells Fargo Center anyway, so you don’t need to travel too far.




Name:Efficiency in South Philadelphia
Rate: $95/Night
Accommodates: 2 People
How much space? You get the entire apartment.
Star Rating: 4.5
Distance to Wells Fargo Center: About 1.7 Miles

Efficiency in South PhiladelphiaIt may not be as cost-efficient as the previous option, but this apartment is a great option nonetheless because, let’s face it – it’s way better than paying one grand per night. Plus the host, Cassandra, is known to be a very helpful and accommodating!



Pennsylvania Convention Center
(1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19104)

As I was doing my room hunting in this area, I saw an important note that only 18% of the rooms are available for the convention dates. So book quickly!

The Recommendation:

Name:Upbeat and Relaxing Spot
Rate: $84/Night
Accommodates: 2 People
How much space? You get a private room.
Star Rating: 5
Distance to PCC: About 1.7 Miles

Upbeat and Relaxing SpotThis apartment is just an 8 minute drive away from the Pennsylvania Convention Center and you get a wide variety of amenities that the host, Bradley, will provide for you. Aside from everything else, all city attractions are within walking distance.



For all the Republicans in the House

Republican National Convention

When: July 18-21st, 2016
Host City: Cleveland, OH
Location: Quicken Loans Arena

The Republican Convention will take place around mid-July at the Quicken Loans Arena, or “The Q” as the locals call it.

Quicken Loans Arena
(1 Center Ct, Cleveland, OH 44115)

Yikes… This was really difficult, everyone. Looks like Clevelanders really know how to do business! Pretty much every house in the area is at least $800/night during this week. That’s not exactly what we’re going for. But, I did manage to find a diamond in the rough!


The Recommendation:

Name:GREAT LOCATION – UCircle Short Term!
Rate: $150/Night
Accommodates: 4 People
How much space? You get a shared room
Star Rating: 4
Distance to QLA: About 4.7 Miles

UCircle Short TermUhh, well it’s not much. Pretty much an empty room with a queen futon. But if you bring your own sleeping bag or air mattress, this isn’t an issue. And the drive to The Q is only about 15 minutes. But if you don’t mind not staying in a five-star hotel, the slight inconveniences are well worth saving a couple thousand dollars, no?


So there you have it – the quick and dirty guide to booking last-minute AirBnB lodging. It’s not pretty, and you’re not going to get any luxurious amenities during your stay. But let’s face it – getting to attend these conventions is probably a once in a lifetime experience for many of you, so take advantage of the opportunity and spend your money on what actually matters like tickets for the conventions and other attractions in the area!

We will be delving a little further into these conventions in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!



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