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3 Questions to Ask Yourself as You Consider Cruise Travel Insurance

6a01347fc1cb08970c01b8d1f70b05970c-320wiIt’s summer time, which means a lot of us have plans to venture out somewhere fun and exciting this year. And with a record breaking 23.2 million people taking an ocean cruise in 2015, cruises are quickly becoming the vacation of choice. This is in large part due to revitalized tourism in Cuba and large cruise growth in Australia, India, and Southeast Asia.

Despite cruises being so popular and an enjoyable getaway for most, the question still arises: do you need to get travel insurance before you book a cruise? While some will say it’s a waste of money and others will say cruise insurance is worth it, it’s ultimately up to you to get the facts and make the decision that’s best for you. So here’s what you need to consider before deciding whether or not to invest in travel insurance for your cruise:

Is there a possibility you will have to cancel last minute?

Now, in order to answer this question, you really need to think about what’s going on in your life right now. Could a family or work emergency arise that would require you to cancel your trip last minute? Let's take a look at a scenario. Let's say you already scheduled a cruise out to the Bahamas six months ago. You've been doing a lot of preparation and are excited for this upcoming cruise you planned. Unfortunately, just a week prior, a family member passes away. You no longer feel it's appropriate for you to leave right now. If you had travel insurance, you could be reimbursed for your trip cost, despite cancelling at the last minute. If this is something that you feel is a concern as you plan for your cruise, cancel for any reason travel insurance may be the right investment for you.  

Do you have a condition which would require immediate medical attention?

Pre-existing medical conditions are important to consider when planning a cruise or trip abroad. You don’t want it to keep you from living life and traveling the world, but you also don’t want an emergency to occur while you’re away from home. If, for example, you or your spouse has a pre-existing chronic health condition, such as a cardiovascular disease, or a bone disease, there may be a possibility you'd need medical attention during your cruise. You may be lounging out on the ship deck, when an emergency situation arises, requiring you to fly out to the nearest medical center right away. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, travel insurance can protect you and your wallet in the unfortunate case you need medical attention while on your cruise.

Is there a chance you’re going to miss the cruise ship?

Now, we will admit – this isn’t as easy to pinpoint. It’s not like any of us have a crystal ball telling us whether or not we’re going to make it to the ship on time. But there are ways you can still make an educated guess and determine whether travel insurance is a good choice for you. Would inclement weather conditions delay your flight you need to take to get to the cruise ship? If you live on the East Coast of the U.S. and are dealing with hurricane season, this may be something to consider as you plan your trip to the actual ship. If you think you could miss your cruise all together because of travel delays or other interruptions, travel insurance could help protect your investment.

Hopefully we’ve given you a lot to think about as you plan your amazing cruise getaway this summer. In the event that you do decide travel insurance is something you want to delve a bit deeper into, get a free quote and let us help you get a policy that fits your specific travel needs.


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