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#Rio2016: 10 Tweets to Remember from the Summer Olympics 2016

With the Olympic Games in full swing, #Rio2016 has become one of the most popular hashtags you can find on Twitter right now. People are showing their love and support for their nation’s teams, tweeting about their favorite athletes, and hey, even poking a little fun at some of them. Athletes themselves are even shouting out to their own as they support each other in upcoming competitions. With so much Twitter activity around the much-anticipated event watched by fans all over the world, it would be impossible to get through all the tweets people have posted. Fortunately, however, we’re here to do the dirty work for you, and rummage through the endless tweets to find the ones that are absolutely priceless.

Like this one that inspires you to stay determined no matter what.


Or this one that shows us just how far the United States has come in the LGBTQ World.


Even jaw-dropping ones like this where the Chinese divers slayed the Synchronized Diving Event.


Can’t forget the ones where you get just a little jealous, like when Katie Couric got a pic with the amazing Ryan Lochte.


Or the ones that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, like when Gabby Douglas shared a moment with her loved ones 💖


And ones like this with Simone Biles’ infectious smile and cute little dance reassuring you that everything’s gonna be okay☺


Even the ones that have you clenching your fists in anticipation as you live vicariously through Olympian parents.


Surely can’t forget the disgusted tweets that show us this mess of a pool which has mysteriously turned greener and greener with each passing day.


Ones like this make you cringe in pain, and really feel for these athletes who’ve spent their entire lives training, only to falter during competition.


But most of all, ones like this that remind us that every little victory counts, and we’re all winners, as long as we work hard and do our best! ✌


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