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4 Ways Travel Insurance is a Life Saver in Countries with Civil Unrest

Albania-Riot-PoliceAll of us have a little bit of wanderlust in our systems. Whether we simply want to head over to a creek near home, or venture out into the unknown, all of us like to do a little bit of traveling and go on adventures. However, for those of you who like to venture out into the unknown and visit foreign countries, there’s always a risk that your dream getaway destination may be going through some civil or political unrest. And this could pose a risk to the safety of yourself and whoever you’re traveling with. One popular example we can see right now is with Brazil. The South American nation is gorgeous and well-known for its rich, diverse culture and its breathtaking beaches and coastal cities - one of the reasons Rio de Janeiro was chosen as the destination for the 2016 Olympics. However, Brazil is also one of the many nations dealing with political corruption, with a president that is currently suspended from office. Many times, countries dealing with these issues could pose risky situations for the common traveler, as they run into violent strikes or riots, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fortunately however, travel insurance can be of assistance to those who are traveling to nations dealing with civil or political unrest. How? Let’s find out!

If You Decide to Cancel Your Trip

Many times, travelers feel confident while booking their trip to a country dealing with civil unrest, but then start to doubt as the trip gets closer. If you end up getting nervous about traveling to your dream destination just weeks prior to the actual departure date, travel insurance may help. With the cancel for any reason benefit many insurance companies offer, you may be able to cancel and get at least some of your trip cost reimbursed. This would usually allow you to get up to 70% of your trip cost back in most cases.

When Your Tour Operator Cancels 

Sometimes, you’re not the one that gets cold feet – it’s your tour operator that does. This essentially means that after having booked your trip and getting ready to take that flight to your destination vacation, you check your email to learn that your packaged tour has been cancelled due to increased political conflicts in your destination. In this case, the trip cancellation benefit offered by travel insurance policies may cover up to 100% of the trip cost. And you may not even need to upgrade to the cancel for any reason benefit since you weren’t the one who was technically responsible for the cancelled trip.

If You Want Some Additional Advice

Last week, we discussed how the worldwide assistance complimentary benefit offered with many travel insurance policies can be of great use to the puzzled traveler, or one that’s just seeking some additional insight. Worldwide assistance can work in essentially the same manner for travelers who are seeking additional information with regards to the status of political or civil unrest in a particular country. So if you do decide to push your fears aside and travel to your destination anyway, you can still be aware of your surroundings and take additional safety measures by reaching out to worldwide assistance. You may be able to gain information regarding which areas to avoid during a particular day, and other safety tips to ensure you have peace of mind. 

When You Require Medical Attention

Worst case scenario, if you end up injured while caught in a violent riot at an area of your vacation destination, travel insurance can literally be a life saver. Most policies may cover up to 100% of the expenses you incur while receiving treatment. And this includes treatment at a medical facility, as well as the emergency medical evacuation benefit that is offered on many policies. So even if you’re caught in a violent brawl among angry citizens of a country, become injured in the middle of nowhere, and have no way of getting to a hospital by foot, travel insurance can get a medical helicopter dispatched to your location and have you transported to the nearest hospital rather quickly; which may be the difference between life and death. 


If you follow the news, you hear about the civil unrest going on in countries all around the world. However, don’t let this stop you from taking the trip of your dreams. Just be smart about your trip and invest in a travel insurance policy that can help keep you safe if you ever get caught in a sticky situation abroad.



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