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Orca_informatique_support_mondial_assistanceIf you’ve ever purchased a travel insurance policy before, either through us, or some other company, you may notice that many of our policies offer worldwide travel assistance, a complimentary service in addition to the usual policy benefits. It sounds like an awesome service, but what exactly does worldwide travel assistance cover and how can you use it? In general, most worldwide travel assistance services offered through insurance policies cover four different categories: travel assistance, business assistance, concierge services, and emergency services. So what types of queries do each of these categories deal with? Let’s find out!


Travel Assistance

If you’ve got run-of-the-mill questions generally related to travel arrangements, you can use worldwide travel assistance to help you out in this department. Many travelers turn to worldwide travel assistance when they have questions about hotels or transportation at their destination. Whether you need help getting a cab from your hotel to the airport, or figuring out where you can rent a car, worldwide travel assistance can direct you to where you need to go. If you need help figuring out where to most easily and efficiently get your money exchanged, this service may also be of use to you. This service can help relieve some stress and frustration as you travel to new places.

Business Assistance

While business-related questions are not always as frequent as general travel queries, they do still come up from time to time. For that very purpose, business assistance is available in many insurance companies’ policies under the worldwide travel assistance service. If you’re traveling on business and have questions related to where you can get Wi-Fi, printing, mail services, etc., and also need to make arrangements for company meetings in your destination, worldwide travel assistance representatives can help you figure these things out. Whether it’s pinpointing a cyber café where you can check your email and print out important documents, or navigating around a foreign city to figure out where your meeting’s taking place, worldwide travel assistance can help.

Concierge Services

If you’ve gotten all your arrangements for getting to your destination figured out, now comes the biggest question of them all: what are you going to do while on vacation? Perhaps you didn’t plan ahead well enough and are not sure what you want to do and need a head start. Or perhaps you did plan all your activities, yet you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money and aren’t being ripped off. For these very reasons, many policies with worldwide assistance also include concierge services. You can ask questions regarding where to eat and shop, how to make reservations at restaurants, and recommendations for the best sightseeing and activities available to tourists in your area.

Emergency & Medical Services

Worldwide travel assistance is also a very useful resource for requesting help for graver situations, including if someone gets seriously injured or is needing immediate medical care. By requesting emergency medical help via worldwide travel assistance, the operator can easily get a doctor dispatched to you, more easily than if you were getting help alone, and you’d have a wealth of medical information at your fingertips within seconds, which could help keep any injured parties stabilized as they wait for a doctor. If a situation is grave enough that it requires a patient to be evacuated, worldwide travel assistance services can also help make arrangements for that.


Worldwide Travel Assistance is pretty cool, right? Since it doesn’t provide you with any monetary coverage, most insureds overlook the benefit when it’s listed on their policy. However, worldwide travel assistance can be a very useful resource. So next time you purchase a policy and go traveling, take advantage of this service!


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