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3 Ways Group Travel Insurance Can Help You Build Customer Trust

IconAs a tour operator or travel agent, you probably take great pride in what you do. Ever since before you can even remember, you’ve always been mesmerized by all the beautiful destinations that the Earth has to offer, and wanderlust has always been ingrained in your blood. It’s for this very reason that you took all the measures to start your own business and learn the travel trade; because bringing joy and adventure to other people’s lives, showing them what you’re passionate about, and even changing people’s perspectives gives you meaning in life. But let’s be honest, managing your own business and keeping every single customer happy isn’t always easy. Especially when your business is something as complex as organizing packaged trips and tours. So many things can go wrong, which can cause friction between you and your customers. But, there is one thing that can actually help ease these tensions: travel insurance. Sound questionable to you? Well, here are just a few different ways that offering group travel insurance as part of your tour package can help ease tension and actually build trust among your customers.


Avoid the Drama of Cancelled Trips

One of the biggest causes of friction between customers and tour operators is probably the fact that when a customer has to cancel a trip, they are unable to get their money back. And it’s almost always impossible to determine who’s responsible. If, for example, your customer falls gravely ill just prior to this scheduled trip, they have to inevitably cancel. It’s not exactly their fault they’re having to cancel. But on the other hand, this doesn’t mean you can just give them a full refund on their trip, either. We know you take the money collected from your travelers to put together awesome packaged tours for them to enjoy in the first place.

Offering travel insurance to your group of travelers would help you eliminate these awkward situations. Those who choose to purchase insurance along with their packaged tour can have the peace of mind that if they need to cancel for a covered reason , they can, and still get their money back. And best of all, you will retain a happy prospective customer!


Know What to Do in Emergencies

You may have the ultimate vacation package put together for your travelers, and be thoroughly knowledgeable on the different destinations you’re going to visit. After all, this is your absolute passion and pride, so why wouldn’t you spend your time preparing for it? However, one thing we never tend to think about while on vacation is the unexpected emergencies that could occur. Have you ever thought of how you might handle an emergency medical situation with your travelers? Or perhaps an accident? Not knowing how to deal with this not only will stress you out, but will leave your travelers feeling unsafe and maybe even angry towards you.

This scenario can be avoided with group travel insurance, as well. Travel insurance usually offers emergency medical evacuation and international medical treatment as part of its benefits to customers. When you offer travel insurance as part of your tour package, you’re not only reassuring customers that you’ll take care of them, but you’ll be covering yourself, as well.


Offer a Better Overall Product to Customers

Let’s face it – at the end of the day, you all have one ultimate goal: to offer the best product in the market to customers. There are thousands of travel agencies and tour operations active throughout the world. How can you possibly make yours shine and stand out beyond the rest? Well, the most basic step to take is to ensure you’re an expert at what you do. If you specialize in tours to Cuba, make sure you’ve got an amazing understanding of the culture, the landmarks, and everything there is to know about that country. Now that’s great and all, but how do you convince your prospective travelers that it’s safe to travel to Cuba and that you’ll be able to take care of any emergencies that do occur?

This is where group travel insurance helps to elevate your packaged tour. Not that your tour isn’t amazing, but undoubtedly, offering that extra security to your prospective customers will make the adventurous travelers feel a little safer, and may even pull the most hesitant of travelers out of their shells.

Are you wondering whether travel insurance is a good add-on to your tour package and want more information? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone at 1-800-937-1387 or by email at info@travelinsure.com. We’d happy to answer your questions!


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