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Hispanic Heritage Month: 5 Latin-American Destinations in the U.S. You Have to Visit

 Hispanic heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15th - October 15th) showcases the achievements of Hispanic Americans in many different fields all over the United States. During Hispanic Heritage Month, it’s all about celebrating the legacies these communities have left behind for the rest of us, whether it’s art, science, or historical events. In honor of this month, here’s a list of some of the different Hispanic communities around the country you should visit!

Little Chile (Chilecito), San Francisco

Little Chile

Chilecito, or "Little Chile" was established by Chilean miners during the Gold Rush. Once word got out that there was an abundance of gold in the Sierra Nevada foothills, thousands of Chileans left their homes for San Francisco and they built the town of Chilecito near present day Kearny Street. Today, you can see the commemorative plaque laid by the Chilean Consulate in 2003 in front of Café Zoetrape!

Mexicantown, Detroit

Mexicantown detroit

If you’re looking for a quality Mexican restaurant in Detroit, just follow the smell of tortillas and salsa to Mexicantown! To get your fix of traditional Mexican cuisine and music, El Comal is the place to be. And if you really want to surround yourself in the area's rich history, Mexican Village is the oldest restaurant in Mexicantown. In between meals, make sure to check out the shopping district and the area’s murals, fixtures, and art galleries to get your fill of Detroit's Hispanic culture!

Little Buenos Aires, Miami

Little Buenos Aires

If you can’t make it to Argentina, you can at least get a taste of it in Little Buenos Aires in Miami, Florida. One place tourists rave about on TripAdvisor is Buenos Aires Bakery and Café. Great for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this place has tasty Argentinian “Fracturas” and other delicious baked goods that are sure to hit the spot!

Little Lima, New Jersey

Little lima

Peruvian cuisine is on the rise, and Little Lima is the ideal place in New Jersey to expand your palate. If you like food trucks, make sure you check out the Lomo Truck. It just launched this summer, but it’s already gathering a strong social media following and adding a unique spin to authentic Peruvian food. La Tia Delia is also a great choice if you’re looking for a local favorite to try for dinner. As the second Peruvian restaurant to arrive in the area, it offers plenty of delicious traditional dishes on its menu that will satisfy your cravings!

Little Honduras, New Orleans

Little honduras

New Orleans is home to America’s largest Honduran community, with plenty of Honduran cuisine to enjoy. Taquira La Delicia is a well-known food truck across Little Honduras that receives lines of people every day for lunch. Even more food vendors are available to bring you closer to the local culture with their traditional Honduran dishes. The next time you’re in New Orleans, remember to try a local Honduran meal or two!


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